• Metadata SIG at EsriUC 2018

    Just a reminder invite to the Metadata SIG meeting at EsriUC next Wednesday, July 11. This meeting was originally started by (now retired) FGDC metadata pioneer Sharon Shin back in the deep past (DOCUMENT.AML time) an...
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  • Export ArcGIS 10 metadata as ArcGIS 10 metadata, no translator!

    How can I export metadata in ArcGIS 10 in the ARCGIS metadata format? When I use the export metadata tool I am forced to use a translator. I want to export my metadata as ARCGIS. If I export from ArcGIS to FGDC, and ...
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  • How could I implement a new metadata schema in ArcGIS?

    Hello everyone, our project has implemented a new metadata schema. This is combination of INSPIRE and datacite metadata schema. If I open a featureclass in arccatalog then I can only export the behind metadata into ce...
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