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Maritime and Remote Sensing GIS

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I wonder if it's possible to get some S-100 sample data to test. I've been searching the web but I couldn't find any. Thanks
Hello,   I recently purchased the Navionics Platinum sea charts for Central and S-Florida. It includes the very detailed sonar charts. How can I import these bathymetric data into ArcGIS as *.shp files (contour lines, point features), or - less preferred - as raster data?   Thanks, Peter
Hi, is there a way to plot tidal movement in ArcMap? I am trying to plot how far larvae spawned into the water column from shipwreck site will get in a certain time.   I have two main sources of data for this the tidal atlas for the region and the tidal diamond on the admiralty chart and i am plotting them in manually by using Direction/Length in… (Show more)
I have a netCDF file containing point data from ship observations and sensors and would like to make a feature layer out of the data, however I am having difficulties getting ArcGIS 10.5 or ArcPro to properly display the data. Does anyone have experience with netCDF point data files, that might be willing to help me out? My file is too large to… (Show more)