• Geodesic Lines Along a Surface

    I'm working on creating a large number of flight routes, constrained by ETOPS. I've been using the Cost Connectivity tool using costs rasters that represent the ETOPS constraints. I then run the resulting routes throu...
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  • How do I get meridians, paralells and grids to appear at perfect right angles in UTM?

    I am trying to produce some trail maps in UTM Zone 11 North, which is standard for my region. When I look at examples of other trail maps produced in this projection, the meridians, parallels and UTM grids are all per...
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  • Modify Projection for east west area

    I have an area I would like to map. The extent of the area is approximately: -147 to -141 and 69.5 N to 70.5 N (North East Alaska). It falls right between two state plane zones and also between two UTM zones. For now,...
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  • Line data offset on one computer but not another, why?

    Hi all,   So today we are experiencing an interesting anomaly that I have never come across before.  Our Engineering Department has a standard map that they access for viewing various utility and road syste...
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  • Arc GIS Pro Projection not working?

    This is going to sound pretty basic but when I change the projection  of my shape file ( WGS 1984 Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere to USA_Contiguous_Lambert_Conformal_Conic) it says the Projection is completed succe...
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  • Feature Projection error

    I have 2 shapefiles from a few years ago that I did not author. One is in NAD27 UTM 10, the other is in NAD83 UTM 10. . There was a map request that includes this data. We have a standard practice of using NAD83 ...
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  • How do I know which PCS is most appropriate to project to?

    Hello!   I have a list of shapefiles that I am trying to merge together to create one larger shapefile. The issue here is that these shapefiles have different coordinate systems. The list below identifies all th...
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  • Lambert Conical Orthomorphic

    I am trying to digitize an old map. The projection is Lambert Conical Orthomorphic, It is a southern hemisphere map I  georeference the map (it is a scanned image, I've tried various projections) it appears...
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  • Do all your shapefiles have to be a projected coordinate system in order to calculate geometry?

    Hi,   I am trying to calculate burn area of brazil using MODIS burn area product shapefiles for northern and central South America. These were monthly shapfiles from April - Decemeber of 2015. The goal...
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  • Longitude is 180 degrees off

    Hi Everyone,   I am working with NASA data in ArcGIS and am having a problem with displaying the longitude correctly. I have attached a screenshot, unfortunately the file is too large. This file should be over J...
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  • What is the extent to which projected coordinate systems conserve the shape, area and the distance?

    The extent to which the PCS conserve the original  shape (ii) area and (iii)distance.
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  • does arcgis webtiledlayer support- EPSG:3414?

    Hi Geeks!   I have been trying to solve this issue in application for arcgis webtiledlayer to display 3rd pary tile map service (TMS) in EPSG:3414 projection [Projected Coordinate Systems]. More info >>...
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  • add an existing projection to the drop down list

    I am embarking on a new project that is located in Finland and the data in the project folder are projected in Finnish KKJ_Zone 4 [EPSG2394]. The Arc dropdown box lists two projections for Finland under Projected Coo...
  • Projecting Vectors in LO19 projection to MODIS sinusoidal Projection

    Hi Everyone   I have a case where I have vector data (crop census polygons) in a LO19_South Africa Projected Coordinate System with a Geographic Coordinate Sytem of Hartebeesthoek_1994. I then added MODIS LST da...
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  • Clip tool(annotation) while projection transformation

    Hi python snippets arcgis map clip_analysis tool is not working properly for Annotation layer provided the output in another projection system. Anyone else encountered this.   To recreate the issue: ...
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  • help importing coordinates

    Hi All,   I am struggling with something related to coordinates;   I have been given some coordinates for a cable: they are in excel but I had to modify a bit it as it was with blanks rows and things like ...
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  • Transformations between various NAD83 and WGS84 realizations

    I realize there are already many questions and answers out there related to this issue.  However, I continue having a difficult time pinpointing exactly which transformations I should use.   ...
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  • What is the best way to re-project NAD83(86) to NAD83(2011) without changing the x y coordinates?

    What is the best way to re-project NAD83(86) to NAD83(2011) without changing the x y coordinates?  We have a been processing survey data for the last few years from text files that are referenced to HARN, CORS96,...
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  • Projections problem

    Hi! I'm a new user of arcgis I downloaded vector data layers from one website and got an .tsv document that includes coordinates. That's going to be my map. I put the vector layers on new map and also .tsv positions. ...
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  • Am I misusing geodesic line length?

    All, Generally I work on data in the UK but am currently working on a project processing data for the whole of Latin America, so every country South of Mexico all the way to Argentina.   I am doing a load of ne...
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