• Change Coordinate System from Field Verified Data

    Hello All!   I have a little dilemma, we inherited field verified data sets, and the data was collected using a World Coordinate System rather than a state plane that we've been using in our GIS. I want to be ab...
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  • WGS 84 with which datum to use ?

    Hi What is good to use to measure the height/altitude/elevation for an projection for the world ?   I have looked at the WGS 84 for the world but doesn't say which vertical datum to use ?   Does anyone ha...
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  • Align Shapefile with  world base map?

    my shapefile  has Nepal_MUTM_Central_84_Everest_1830 as the coordinate system, it does not align with the basemap, what can be the possible ay to have it aligned with the world base map?
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  • ITRF2014 transformation

    Does anyone have any information about Trimble RTX and using it within Collector? I have heard there is a data shift because the transformation from ITRF2014 is not supported yet. Esri and Trimble have said this is a ...
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  • Polar Projection Hole

    I am making a circumpolar map and have added the Oceans Basemap to it. There is a hole in the basemap coverage right at the North Pole. I have seen a Story Map that manages to have coverage for this area. Why is it li...
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  • ITRF2014 to SWEREF 99 Transformation

    Hey all, I am working with a Swedish customer and they brought up that the ITRF2014 and SWEREF 99 transformation is not implemented yet in PROJ. Has this transformation been implemented in ArcGIS?
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  • NAD83 to NAD83 HARN Florida transformation seems off

    Depending on which transformation I use I get inconsistent results when converting points from NAD83 Florida State Plane East (SPE) (the vanilla 1986 one) to NAD83 HARN Florida State Plane East.   The below grap...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 - Why ArcGIS Pro freeze display when pan & zoom out of projection extent?

    Hi,   I am having problems when trying projections for mapping in ArcGIS Pro. For a given project, it is always recommended to use the most suitable projection in order to reduce shape/area distortion... It is s...
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  • What is the projection for Russia and Alaska area ?

    Hi   I am working on this map for somebody and I need help to make this line between Far East Russia and Alaska  disappear and which projection is the right one to use for this area ?... I am using ArcGIS P...
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  • Map Topology Cluster Tolerance

    I have data that I would like to line up perfectly. In the past, I have used the align edge tool in the topology tools as a fairly quick and easy way to do this. The dataset I'm working with covers a large area (1:2m ...
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  • Converting geocentric coordinates to geographic coordinates and depth

    I have some global data (seismic data from earthquakes) that was provided as geocentric (cartesian) coordinates. Basically, the coordinates range from +1 to -1 for x, y and z axes. The center of the earth is at coordi...
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  • X Y Data in Attribute Table Questions

    I have 40k points the attribute table has multiple x and y fields all have different numerics.  None of them seem to match any coordinate system.   Can someone explain the format of these columns   ...
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  • CSV add X, Y

    I too have a csv file that has 4 fields of lat/lon. I can add x, y to 2 of the fields (Dlon/Dlat) but not too Plon/Plat. my dataframe is in NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_16N and when i add x,y i use wgs 84 . All my fields are num...
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  • A Projected Coordinate Systems that covers the entire Atlantic Ocean?

    Hello,    We are seeking a projection (equal area) which we will be able to use for deep sea species/habitat mapping throughout the entire Atlantic Ocean. We have tried Goodes Homolosline (Ocean) but t...
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  • Trouble adding new records to existing map.

    I have an existing map that I would like to add new records to but it does not save the point or record.   I open the map, then open Editor, start Editing, It gives me a warning that none of the spatial referenc...
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  • How to make two layers show together

    Hey, I have a question when using the GIS map.   I try to add the Export_outlet, which is two points, to the map Landuse_watershed so I can mark the sampling points on the landuse map. But when I choose Zoom to ...
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  • when I download a base map (Imagery) to my data frame does not georeference as my data frame

    is this a bug? should I transform all my data to WGS84? O is there a way to fix this?
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  • Can't see Custom Geographic Transformation in Project Tool - ArcGIS Pro 2.1

    ArcGIS Pro 2.1, Local install, Windows 10 I am trying to create a custom geographic transformation and then use it in the Project tool. I have used the create custom geographic transformation tool to create it - run...
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  • Is it really not possible to view spatial reference info in the Catalog View/Pane in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2?

    There is no option to see spatial reference information when viewing the properties of a feature class when working in Catalog View or Catalog Pane in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2.   You can only see spatial reference infor...
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  • won't transform from GCS_WGS_1984 to NAD83 2011 error says transformation not valid

    project tool will not project from GCS_WGS_1984 to NAD83_2011.   Error says that the transformation isn't valid.  But the Tool help says thatt : "The parameter provides a drop-down list of valid transfo...
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