• What is the grid for coordinates in Switzerland

    I have some coordinates from Switzerland   X_KOORD Y_KOORD 488200 113800 488400 112100 487600 114100 488500 112100   But they didnt give me a coordinate system. Doing some research I found they use a ...
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  • Esri Job Posting

    My team is looking for a new member. Here's the job posting    Feel free to contact me for more details or questions, but all resumes must go through the usual submission process (via the Careers website). ...
  • Determine Unknown Coordinate Systems: Based on Spatial Extent Values

    I'm currently developing a Python Module to reproject shapefiles and CAD drawings (DWG, DXF) that have known and unknown coordinate systems. The code below deals with the known coordinate systems of the shap...
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  • importing dwg files

    Hi,   I got houndreds of dwg files and DTM from a Geophysical survey for a submarine cable route (They are from alignment sheet). When I try to import them into ArcGIS (Desktop 10.2) it shows the message about t...
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  • XY data projecttion problem

    Hello everyone, I was making point data from xls/csv file. But i want to project my data into a Projected coordinate system, not in GCS. As this data is from Germany, so I was trying to make it into DHDN Gauskruger 3 ...
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  • Projections

    Does your work involve using many different projections or do you find that most or all of your maps use the same projection?
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