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my shapefile  has Nepal_MUTM_Central_84_Everest_1830 as the coordinate system, it does not align with the basemap, what can be the possible ay to have it aligned with the world base map?
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Does anyone have any information about Trimble RTX and using it within Collector? I have heard there is a data shift because the transformation from ITRF2014 is not supported yet. Esri and Trimble have said this is a high priority. My question is why would the transformation be hard to write? What am I missing? Isn't it just a mathematical… (Show more)
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I am making a circumpolar map and have added the Oceans Basemap to it. There is a hole in the basemap coverage right at the North Pole. I have seen a Story Map that manages to have coverage for this area. Why is it like this and what can be done to fill the gap?   I am attaching a screenshot of how my map looks and here is a link to the Story Map… (Show more)
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Hey all, I am working with a Swedish customer and they brought up that the ITRF2014 and SWEREF 99 transformation is not implemented yet in PROJ. Has this transformation been implemented in ArcGIS?
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Click to view contentIn the upcoming release of ArcGIS 10.8 and ArcGIS Pro 2.5, the Spilhaus World Ocean Map in a Square will be supported as aprojected coordinate system based on the Adams square II map projection.    Here is an ArcGIS StoryMap about how we uncovered and defined the projection, which shows the world’s oceans as a single body of water.     John… (Show more)
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Click to view contentDepending on which transformation I use I get inconsistent results when converting points from NAD83 Florida State Plane East (SPE) (the vanilla 1986 one) to NAD83 HARN Florida State Plane East.   The below graphic was made by clearing the data frame coordinate system so I can get a visual on the projection differences.  (ie to get rid of the on… (Show more)
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