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In case anyone out there is interested, a few months ago I published an ArcGIS Python Add-in Toolbar which automates the selection of map projections for your specific project.   It was created by developing a selection scheme based on the user purpose, and also takes an input feature class which defines the user's area of interest. Different map… (Show more)
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Hello All!   I have a little dilemma, we inherited field verified data sets, and the data was collected using a World Coordinate System rather than a state plane that we've been using in our GIS. I want to be able to run topology rules but I am unable to because of the field verified datasets having a different GCS than the data I've been working… (Show more)
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Hi What is good to use to measure the height/altitude/elevation for an projection for the world ?   I have looked at the WGS 84 for the world but doesn't say which vertical datum to use ?   Does anyone have an suggest for me to use it ?   I am looking at the longitude, latitude and altitude  information to work with.
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my shapefile  has Nepal_MUTM_Central_84_Everest_1830 as the coordinate system, it does not align with the basemap, what can be the possible ay to have it aligned with the world base map?
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Does anyone have any information about Trimble RTX and using it within Collector? I have heard there is a data shift because the transformation from ITRF2014 is not supported yet. Esri and Trimble have said this is a high priority. My question is why would the transformation be hard to write? What am I missing? Isn't it just a mathematical… (Show more)
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I am making a circumpolar map and have added the Oceans Basemap to it. There is a hole in the basemap coverage right at the North Pole. I have seen a Story Map that manages to have coverage for this area. Why is it like this and what can be done to fill the gap?   I am attaching a screenshot of how my map looks and here is a link to the Story Map… (Show more)
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