Welcome to the Map Advice Community group!

Blog Post created by epunt-esristaff Employee on Jul 10, 2017

Welcome and thanks for joining the Map Advice Community group on GeoNet! To get started we invite you to first review the group features on the overview page and familiarize yourself with the group info, admins and GeoNet 101 information in the left column.


The Map Advice group is a place to share your cartographic work, or your works-in-progress. Ask for opinions, advice, or full critiques on your maps, be they in web map, app, pdf, or just screenshot. Share tips and tricks that you've found make for great cartography. Share links to great maps you use as inspiration. As you explore the group, you’ll find tools to connect and collaborate. Use them to share files, create blogs, ask/answer questions and read the latest blogs posts and join discussions.


We’d like to get to know you, so we invite you to post a comment below to say “hello" and introduce yourself and share what you’re looking forward to contributing to the Map Advice Community group .  


We’re excited to connect and collaborate with you and we look forward to seeing your contributions. Let's get started with some mapping!

Edie Punt and David Watkins, group admins