• Did arcpy.Copy_management change from 10.4 to 10.7?

    Running the following gives 2 different results if run from server Standard 10.7 machine or Desktop Advanced 10.4 machine. Where CODGEO_Datasets and Offline_Datasets are lists of full path strings. Where some f...
    created by Daryl.Hochhalter
  • Crowdsource Manager Selecting Multiple Records

    I'm using the crowdsource manager application for the Citizen Problem Reporter solution. The app is working fine with filters, editing, etc. But I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to selected multiple record...
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  • Information Lookup app: search tolerance, layer order?

    Please define the 'search tolerance' function (what is it, what does it do, units, etc.) in the configuration panel.  Also, why are the feature services ordered opposite in the app as opposed to the web map Table...
  • Attribute Assistant - Loading Alternate Configs

    I have used AA quite success as part of the Local Gov Water Geometric Network but have never been able to use the Configuration Files pull down box at the the the bottom of the AA Config and Log File Window. (see atta...
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  • What social logins are (or will continue to be) supported for Crowdsource Reporter on AGOL and Enterprise?

    I ask because there appear to be various inconsistencies between the documentations and products. Here's what I know thus far: The Crowdsource Reporter ReadMe on Github mentions: Users can access the c...
    last modified by makahgis
  • App for public to select line feature and submit form

    Hi, I am looking for a GIS solution to our load exemption permits. The current process is quite manual and requires a lot of phone calls/emails. We would like to create a web app that allows the public to select the ...
    last modified by arshad.akhtar
  • digital maps

    Is anyone out there accepting subdivision or condo maps digitally and then dropping them into ArcMap?  We are interested in learning from you if you are.  Ideally, we would like to accept maps in a digital f...
    created by jennsniffen
  • Parcel Drafter configuration

    Is there any way to change the precision of the "Calculated Area" in the Parcel Drafter Web App? Our organization requires an output to the thousandths, so the default configuration to the hundredth does not meet our ...
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  • Failed to create  Feature Service

    I am trying to Deploy a solution within ArcGIS Pro.  No matter which solution I attempt to deploy I get an errors.   Sometime I get this error And some time I am getting any suggestion. Thank you 
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Is it possible to deploy same solution twice in the same portal?

    Hello Lets say I Daily Activity dashboard solution. I have deployed this to my Organization Portal...Now if I want to deploy the same  solution, and redeploy it as  a new solution to the same...
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  • Attribute Assistant Editor Tracking

    Hello,   We would like to use the attribute assistant to aid in editor tracking. I created rules using the Timestamp and Map Info to capture the date and version name that is being used for editing. I would like...
    created by ttinsley75
  • Problem with the Capital Projects Solution Deployment tool

    I have been trying to deploy a solution from the ArcGIS Pro Solutions Deployment tool. I was and am still getting errors as I work with ESRI to try and fix the problem. As usual, I don't have time to wait and started ...
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  • What causes ArcGIS Online Parcel Drafter to not caluclate misclose or save parcels?

    Hi all,   I've missed a step or a particular piece of the configuration while setting up the Parcel Drafter for Local Government solution using Web AppBuilder Dev. Edition. I loaded the required schema for parce...
    last modified by kwikstrom
  • Utilization of QuickCapture to create assignments in Workforce

    Hello, I am Chase Fisher, a Solution Engineer with Esri for Local Government. The following blog lists a few local government-based use cases using this integration. Hopefully this post will inspire you! I would...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • How to deploy a solution that has already been used

    Good Afternoon,  I'm trying to deploy the Capital Project Dashboard using the Solution Deployment Tool in ArcPro (2.4).  Every time we try to deploy, the green check mark is already in place due to the solut...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Solution Deploy Failed

     I attempted to deploy local government/Daily activity Dashboard to our Active Portal  1- some time it fail to deploy the complete solutions, I mean it deploy some feature  and leave the other ore it d...
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  • Collector for ArcGIS - Useful Links

    Collector for ArcGIS is a mobile data collection app that makes it easy to capture accurate data from the field and return it to the office. It works with web maps from the ArcGIS Platform, supports high precision dat...
    created by dlaw-esristaff
  • Capital Projects Dashboard : Feature Layers are Confusing!?

    Feature Layer : Infrastructure Projects Summary : Infrastructure projects identified by project leads responsible for maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure. Description : Infrastructure projects ...
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  • Solutions Deployment Tool in 2.4

    I am using pro 2.4 and every time I try to use the solution deployment tool it causes an error and shuts down the software. Is the Solutions Deployment Tool supported in version 2.4? It was working fine in v...
  • How do I create a Cascade Attributes rule from attribute assistant in Attribute Rules using Arcade?

    Hello!   I am trying to move a bunch of Attribute Assistant rules to ArcPro's Attribute Rules, but I'm very new to Arcade. In particular, I am interested in the Cascade Attributes AA method. My example is using ...