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Running the following gives 2 different results if run from server Standard 10.7 machine or Desktop Advanced 10.4 machine. Where CODGEO_Datasets and Offline_Datasets are lists of full path strings. Where some feature class in the dataset has attachments   # Process: Copy CODGEO Datasets for i, val in enumerate(CODGEO_Datasets):… (Show more)
I'm using the crowdsource manager application for the Citizen Problem Reporter solution. The app is working fine with filters, editing, etc. But I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to selected multiple records and then export those to CSV. The app allows 1 record selection and exports that 1 record with no issues. I've attempted to create… (Show more)
Please define the 'search tolerance' function (what is it, what does it do, units, etc.) in the configuration panel.  Also, why are the feature services ordered opposite in the app as opposed to the web map Table of Contents?  Is there a way to arrange the services in the list?  Thanks!
I have used AA quite success as part of the Local Gov Water Geometric Network but have never been able to use the Configuration Files pull down box at the the the bottom of the AA Config and Log File Window. (see attached).  Do I need a certain file name/configuration defined for custom configs?  I've tried .config files without any luck such as… (Show more)
Click to view contentI ask because there appear to be various inconsistencies between the documentations and products. Here's what I know thus far: The Crowdsource Reporter ReadMe on Github mentions: Users can access the content anonymously, or authenticate using their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or ArcGIS credentials. Authenticated users gain access to additional… (Show more)
Hi, I am looking for a GIS solution to our load exemption permits. The current process is quite manual and requires a lot of phone calls/emails. We would like to create a web app that allows the public to select the road segment, fill out the appropriate fields and submit for a permit. The ability to then send back a template automatically would… (Show more)
Is anyone out there accepting subdivision or condo maps digitally and then dropping them into ArcMap?  We are interested in learning from you if you are.  Ideally, we would like to accept maps in a digital format and then instead of re-tracing and re-creating all the line work we would like to be able to import the map into our Tax Map.
Is there any way to change the precision of the "Calculated Area" in the Parcel Drafter Web App? Our organization requires an output to the thousandths, so the default configuration to the hundredth does not meet our needs.parcel drafter 
I am trying to Deploy a solution within ArcGIS Pro.  No matter which solution I attempt to deploy I get an errors.   Sometime I get this error And some time I am getting any suggestion. Thank you 
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