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Is it possible to add new records directly in the Crowdsource Manager application rather than just modify or verify record inputs from the Reporter? I'm using Crowdsource Manager as part of ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government for AED management. Thanks!
Iowa DOT Flood Dashboard.  Built this site up over the last week, been very useful getting information out to the public and field.  Added yesterday DOT photo collection with collector, aerial flood photos, bridges that need DOT inspection and snow cover.  All possible due to open and available data.   Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 
Click to view contentI am trying to configure email notifications for the Citizen Problem Reporter (local government ArcGIS Solution) per these instructions. I configured the Send Emails tool and tried running but get the following error from the log: ERROR: Failed to process service… (Show more)
Click to view contentI recently started using Parcel Drafter in the standard WAB and came across some weird issues from my initial setup.    1) The XY location does not seem to work (or I do not know how to work it). Whenever I put anything in, it sends me to 'null island'. Whenever I use the testing application that Esri hosts, it still does not take me where I want… (Show more)
Feature Layer : Infrastructure Projects Summary : Infrastructure projects identified by project leads responsible for maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure. Description : Infrastructure projects identified by project leads responsible for maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure.   Feature Layer… (Show more)
Is it possible to use URL parameters to open to a specific feature and/or map within Crowdsource Reporter? I'm using the template from GitHub. This would be helpful for us because we would like to send out an email upon request creation with its details as well as a hyperlink to the feature. Also, I'd like to be able to direct people to the… (Show more)
I have been trying to deploy a solution from the ArcGIS Pro Solutions Deployment tool. I was and am still getting errors as I work with ESRI to try and fix the problem. As usual, I don't have time to wait and started following the steps laid out in the Manual Section of the link Publish feature layer - Capital Project Locator | ArcGIS for Local… (Show more)
I was looking to deploy some Emergency Management solutions (Hurricane Season is coming), and noticed that they require ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, which just came out like a couple weeks ago.  We're on 10.6.1, and using the Solution Deployment tool in ArcGIS Pro it just won't let me deploy a solution, and it won't let me select an older version that… (Show more)
I deployed the Parcel Drafter solution via ArcPro and am trying to get it set up.  Is the list of snapping layers expecting an actual Parcel Fabric feature that has been published?  When I try to add the published version of our PLSS control points, for instance, I get an "invalid foreign key" error, leading me to believe that perhaps it's… (Show more)
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