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***I AM USING ARC MAP 10.8***   I am trying to finish an NDVI analysis of an area pre/post hurricane Harvey. I have run the NDVI to gather my values and they have been reclassified to follow the values of, 0= (-1.0 to 0.29) and 1= (0.29 - 1.0). The reclassified raster attribute table is attached as the 2016_Classy.PNG file attached.   I then… (Show more)
Anyone have experience trying to integrate the CLUE-S Model in ArcGIS for land use/land cover changes/predictions? Looking for tips/instructions/videos on how to get started. 
I am trying to classify thermal imagery using object based image analysis using Random Trees and Maximum likelihood classifiers. I was wondering if there are rules for how many training samples we should generate per class?
Click to view contentI am getting the following error while trying to extract the LAI value from MOD15A2H hdf file. Also, can the stitch tool be used to clip together hdf files of a month into a single tiff file (for example the hdf files for the month of January)? 
I am a masters student working with LIDAR and 4 - band satellite imagery to remotely measure above ground biomass of the shrub community encroaching the Illinois Lake Plain region. I am new to working with LIDAR data, and I am contemplating if creating an LAS dataset is necessary or if I should just import the LAS files directly. When working with… (Show more)
I have ArcGIS 10.7.1 software. It works perfectly except for image classification. Whenever I use I image classification algorithms I get same error message "Error 010328: Syntax error at or near symbol space". I changed the name of the file to be classified but the error remains there. Also, I changed location for saving the output file. But it… (Show more)
Click to view contentWhat I’m trying to accomplish is simple to define: what is the percentage tree cover (raster) across four polygon zones (vector)? When I run my analysis using Zonal Statistics as a Table, I get an equal ratio of tree canopy in each zone (Count/Area). Each zone seems to have 25% of the total tree canopy count, but this can’t possibly be accurate.… (Show more)