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When using the Classification toolbar's Training Sample Manager tool, the "Merge training samples" option is unresponsive.    Detail: I'm trying to merge an exported subset of a polygonal landcover dataset in order to use it as training data for the classification tool. (For example, I exported conifer categories. When I import the new conifer… (Show more)
Hi All,   I'm trying to use the segmentation and classification toolbox to classify land cover based on areal images, using ArcGIS 10.3. The images are 3-band 8 bit GRID Stack 7.x (originally TIFF), 453MB. I then use Segment mean shift, create training data, Train support vector machine classifier (with additional DEM, 1-band TIFF 32 bit float… (Show more)
I am using Arcgis 10.2.2 and  preparing some data for printing and im stacked with something. I want to autorotate the dataframe on the grid (which grid after grid it gets rotated by some degree) cause i am using data driven for printing content inside a grid.     The red rectangle is the limit of the grid where the data should be visible, only… (Show more)