StoryMaps + Google Forms

Blog Post created by tbaker-esristaff Employee on Sep 10, 2019

Talking and working with teachers around the country, I commonly hear ideas and suggestions.  Today, I've explored building a proof-of-concept out of a few of those ideas.


  1. Schools are heavily using Google Docs (and Google Forms), the hands-down standard in K-12 education.  
  2. Many teachers have asked about making GeoInquiry questions digital (form-based).
  3. Still others have recommended putting the questions and map on the same webpage.


One way to achieve this is to place the questions in a Google Form and share it publicly - embedding it, along with the GeoInquiry map into a storymap. The results aren't too bad and the data collected by the form would ideally flow into a spreadsheet on the teacher's Google Drive.


Of course, Survey123 could replace the Google Form and perhaps another story map template (gen 1) would work better in this case.


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