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Is it possible for Insights cards to be shared/consumed in an Operations Dashboard?  I keep seeing that Insights pages can be embedded in StoryMaps or websites, and I also see that Operations Dashboard has an "embedded content" widget, but I am not sure if you can embed Insights cards in a dashboard.  Does anyone have the answer? Thank you!
in Insights for ArcGIS
I have not started using Insights yet, but I have watched the videos and read the FAQs. However, I cannot find anything that says definitively if your charts will update based on the zoom extent of your map. Or, is it only when you click on a map feature?
in Insights for ArcGIS
I have a KPI widget that looks at data that changes every 15 minutes. I would like to have the end data be open ended so it is always looking at the latest data. Currently I have to go in daily and update the end date to the current date.
in Insights for ArcGIS
Is there any way to export the selected records from a table or any type of card to a csv or text file when the records are filtered?
in Insights for ArcGIS
I'm looking to share with other internal departments the list (dictionary/catalog) of information that can enrich our data to suit their business needs.  The current (as far as I can find) Data Browser has no definitions for the data.  Is there an alternate easier to use source out an excel spreadsheet or even a PDF?  Thanks!
in Insights for ArcGIS
I have heard of Insights for ArcGIS for a few years now and ever since have wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to look into our agency geospatial data from an Insights perspective. I would like to know how to install, understand and use the application. So, my question is would it cost me extra charge to install and run Insights? Will I… (Show more)
in Insights for ArcGIS
Is there an easy way of converting xy point features to be read into way points to Trimble pathfinder to GPS GeoExplorer XH 6000? To do this now, I've been opening the point table, saving it as DBase, then going into Excel then saving it as a Comma Separated Value (CSV). There has got to be a better way!!!
in Insights for ArcGIS
Greetings, I am pulling data in from four survey 123 forms- host feature layers. I am trying to build table views of the data with filters for the supervisor to be able to query specific locations and a corresponding date- then see the rest of the form data for those times/places in the table.   I have tried a pre-defined filter by date but it… (Show more)
in Insights for ArcGIS
Hi guys,   I’d like to know people’s thoughts on presenting data by day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wed…) for a month’s worth of data.   Let’s say we have data on car accidents for the month of January. And the minister would like to know which day of the week was the worst?   With Insights, it’s easy to create a histogram of accident counts… (Show more)
in Insights for ArcGIS
Can someone confirm that insights does not recognize domain values from a hosted feature service?  Better yet, tell me it does and I am missing it entirely.    Thank you in advance!
in Insights for ArcGIS
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