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Did Insights for AGOL get an update?  It broke my report pages and they all show no data displaying "This dataset is empty".  It seems the logic for pre-defined filters seems to be reversed for "select all".  When multiple options are defined for one group, if none of them are selected it shows no data.  Before it shows all of the data.  That was… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Insights
Whenever I try to add a hosted feature layer to an existing Insights workbook on ArcGIS Online, I get an error that something went wrong. However, if I add the same hosted feature layer to a new workbook, it works just fine. I've also tried uploading a csv file to an existing workbook and get the same error, but if I upload the same csv file to a… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Insights
Hi there, the updated Desktop 2020.2 is not available in the download link, it is still pointing to the old version.  Any update on when this will be accessed?   Thank you, Joe
in ArcGIS Insights
Dear Insights for ArcGIS community. We are facing with an interesting problem. We have in the same SQL instance two different database, one of them enterprise and one of them is native SQL database. We have to store our views in the native SQL database, but some of the views are using tables from the enterprise geodatabase, with the shape field. … (Show more)
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I upgraded my Portal instance to 10.8.1, but didn't realize that ArcGIS Insights wasn't compatible yet. Is there a timeline for when it will work with 10.8.1?
in ArcGIS Insights
I have a polygon shapefile indicating different districts, together there are some numeric attributes storing like population of male, population of female of each district. I would like to demonstrate them on a map using pie chart symbol to show the percentage of male and female in each district, but failed to do so. How can I achieve this… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Insights
Can you please make available the slides for ArcGIS Insights: An Introduction and ArcGIS Insights: Best Practices from the UC?
in ArcGIS Insights
Click to view contentHi all, I would like to get a sense of where Insights for ArcGIS is going and where the community would like it to go.   I like insights, its drag and drop functionality was very easy to learn and the tight integration with my spatial data is a welcome feature coming form other data science visualization software.   However, it is lacking in… (Show more)
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