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Is there any way to create layers using leaflet and put it into map? I have created an widget using jquery and want to put some layer using leaflet. I am not proficient in dojo , so it is very difficult to work with it 
in India
Hi, I am looking for , how to display the geotagged photos in edit attribute window.
in India
Hi, I am adding graphics like Points, Polygon, Polyline etc. on the  Map and save it in db and redraw all on the map again from the database.Now i want edit existing graphics for example- Change the point location, increase/decrease the polygon/polyline size etc. and save the changes in database again using javascript api 4.5.
in India
I created a iOS sample project for testing the Map. I am using cocopods for my project. I added "pod 'ArcGIS-Runtime-SDK-iOS', '100.1.1'" in my pods file and run "pod install" command. After opening my project workspace and followed the instruction steps from the guide. I am able to get the map with the provided lat, long values.   Then I… (Show more)
in India
I could not able to publish from ArcGIS portal With DataStore,While publishing I am getting this error: Error Publish exception ' Exception: PKIX path building failed: host unable to find valid certification path to requested target' Edition : ArcGIS Standard Edition So kindly suggest us how to resolve… (Show more)
in India
I wanted to use ArcGIS Pro and as per the process I am using evaluation license (21 days) ArcGIS online.   When trying to login using the ArcGIS online credentials in the licensing Interface, it is returning back to the licensing Interface asking for choosing options again.   I never able to go beyond this licensing interface, Kindly suggest any… (Show more)
in India
This type of error i am getting while exporting my layout view to JPEG format, Actually i have merged two Dems and trying to cover this area. I want to know where I am getting wrong in exporting and help is highly obliged. It is gtopo30 data.                  
in India
what is authorization number to get license of the software ? how could I get my authorization number ? please help.
in India
Origin Destination Cost Matrix service., getting job failed error   even after entering origin and destination, it says input is missing   "type": "esriJobMessageTypeError",    "description": "ERROR 030168: Insufficient input. Need at least one origin and one destination."   },   {    "type": "esriJobMessageTypeError",    "description": "Failed… (Show more)
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