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Hi,     I am created bookmarks but I did't find to save option in Arc Pro.  In Desktop we have that option.
in India
Error occurs when map activity i called. xml code:   <com.esri.arcgisruntime.mapping.view.MapView     android:id="@+id/map"     mapoptions.MapType="Streets"     android:layout_width="fill_parent"     android:layout_height="fill_parent"     mapoptions.ZoomLevel="16""19.2190, 72.6701"     android:layout_centerInParent="true"… (Show more)
in India
Click to view contentAfter migrating cadastral data from Geodatabase to LGIM in parcel fabric . i was selecting all the parcel polygons and run global merge course tool with required parameters. But after the process completed it was not saved and showing issues as shown in screenshot. Kindly provide a solution.     
in India
Click to view contentDrone 2Map New version has a bug. There is no GCP control point add from the control menu.
in India
Hello All,   I am stuck at this,   I want to include Offline map in my website which is in PHP and Its having Html Page. In Html Page i have Included Arcgis Map and also its providing Edit functionality from there only.  But i want to include Offline edit functionality too. so, that whenever internet goes off still user can edit feature and… (Show more)
in India
i have polyline set from point A to point B to which i need to create an animation as we see in uber app (trail animation) between the points something like this
in India
How to read the spatial data from GeoTIFF file using ArcGIS SDK in the android application? Please suggest.
in India
Hi All,   By using C#, I want to access the statusbar of MapWindow in ArcGIS Pro i.e. need to display the customized/user value(text) in the existing status bar. How to update the statusbar by using C#? Kindly suggest.
in India