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New Argonne supercomputer, built for next-gen AI, will be most powerful in U.S.

...As an exascale computer, Aurora will be capable of a quintillion—or one billion billion—calculations per second, 50 times quicker than today’s most powerful supercomputers...

Mapping the brain, personalizing cancer treatment

Through Early Science Projects designed to probe the future capabilities of Aurora, UChicago researchers in materials science, cosmology and neurobiology have already begun interrogating the new discoveries that this one-of-a-kind machine makes possible.

“Aurora will enable us to explore new frontiers in artificial intelligence and machine learning,” said Narayanan “Bobby” Kasthuri, assistant professor of neurobiology at the University of Chicago and researcher at Argonne. “This will be the first time scientists have had a machine powerful enough to match the kind of computations the brain can do.”

Kasthuri’s research seeks to reverse engineer the mammalian brain, using powerful microscopes to photograph billions of cells and connections and supercomputers

(to reconstruct the brain’s intricate wiring. With such a map),

scientists could ask questions about how the structure of the brain drives learning, behavior and illness, generating new therapies and insights into the nature of humanity. But a complete map of the estimated million billion connections of the human brain would be no less than the largest dataset in human history, requiring extreme-scale computation to navigate.



The human brain's superhighway

Posted by billfox Champion Apr 10, 2019