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I am trying to add one new pop-up field, that comes from a separate rest call, but I am unsure how to incorporate.   All my other fields come from this service:    But I need one piece of data from this service, the 'name' as place (which… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am new to the ESRI js 4.15 API. I wanted to change my basemap from "topo" to a National Geographic Style Base Map as it is more fitting to my Application. When I use the following piece of code   map = new Map({                  basemap: "national-geographic"              }); I get this type of a basemap which is not same as the one that… (Show more)
Is there an issue with the Legend order for FeatureLayers vs MapService layers? esri/dijit/Legend  It seems that FeatureLayers are always brought to the top of the legend regardless of the z-Index of the layer.   Maybe AGOL feature layers are treated differently than AGS Feature layers?
rtolapi mentioned HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript Frameworks 3 months ago Show mention context
When I use `view.takeScreenshot()` I'm only getting part of the topo layer. I'm not sure why this is is. I included a screenshot from takeScreenshot and a screen shot of what's actually on my screen.   view.takeScreenshot({ format: "jpg" }) .then(function (screenshot) { console.log(screenshot); }); What do I need to change to get the drawing… (Show more)