• What is your highest level of education achieved?

    I have been thinking about going back to school for a challenge.  I recently attended school through a distance program in an attempt to complete an Engineering Master's degree.  This became cost prohibitive...
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  • Best City for GIS Jobs in US?

    Hello Everyone,   I am interested to learn about where is the best city in US for GIS Jobs. In your opinion, where is the best city for GIS Jobs, based on a mixture of the following criteria:   Salaries of...
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  • What do you think are the "Top 5 GIS Soft Skills"

    Here is a link that I received through LinkedIn stating the Top 5 GIS Soft Skills.  I wanted to create a poll here to find out what this GIS community thought were the Top 5 GIS Soft Skills.  Please read the...
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  • How easy was it to find a job in your field?

    Whether getting your first job just out of school, or trying to get a promotion or a satisfying position, how long did it take you to get the job you wanted? Please feel free to add a comment telling your story, and w...
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  • On average, how many years do you need to become a GIS Developer?

    Is it easier for either .Net or Java Developers to learn GIS, or for GIS professionals to learn .Net or Java programming to become GIS Developers?
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