• Routing for indoor environments

    Hi,   I am working with a project where we need to develop a routing and nav system which allows the user to generate a route from his house to his workplace. The objective is to integrate the normal network anal...
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  • Indoor Navigation

    I need an app for indoor navigation.
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  • ArcGIS Indoors CAD2GIS Tool Not working

    #ArcGISIndoors #Indoors Jeff Archer's Blog   Hi,   I have seen some Videos on ArcGIS Indoors, therefore willing to try it out. I have started with the tutorial Videos and got stuck at CAD2GIS conversion. W...
  • Developing an Indoor GIS

    We have ArcGIS 10.5, 10.6 and ArcPro 2.1   We are interested in doing an Indoor GIS and thus far have imported our CAD drawings so that they are properly referenced.  The issue we are having is how to place...
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  • Re-project CAD drawing files with a pre-existing world file

    I may be missing something, but is there a way to re-project world (.wld) files, without hand digitizing to a new coordinate system? I am looking to do this specifically for .dwg files. 
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  • How to put landmarks per floor of the building?

    If I want to route from RoomA of floor level 5 to RoomB of floor level 1 inside the same building. How to add direction confirmation landmarks with tolerance buffer 1.5 that will not conflict the landmark points per l...
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  • Excel (.xlsx) files reading as Feature Datasets

    I'm running into a problems I've never seen before. I'm working with Excel (.xlsx) and ArcEditor. I want to add my Excel tables into ArcMap to create XY data. In ArcCatalog, my .xlsx tables look as they usually do. Th...
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