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#ArcGISIndoors #Indoors Jeff Archer's Blog   Hi,   I have seen some Videos on ArcGIS Indoors, therefore willing to try it out. I have started with the tutorial Videos and got stuck at CAD2GIS conversion. Whenever I add the "CAD Tools.pyt" I don't find the tool as shown in Video Cad2GIS. I only see Tool (pls refer the screen shots below)  … (Show more)
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We have ArcGIS 10.5, 10.6 and ArcPro 2.1   We are interested in doing an Indoor GIS and thus far have imported our CAD drawings so that they are properly referenced.  The issue we are having is how to place the electrical, data and computer objects in the room.  We can develop the symbols that we want for the items but how do we place them in the… (Show more)
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