• AUV/MBES/SSS/SBP processing

    ArcGIS Proor Arcmap   Hi everybody,   I would like to ask if AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) data can be processed with ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap, the data contains XYZ (MBES-multibeam, SBP-sub bottom ...
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  • Big Data Management with Arcmap desktop, best ways to handle huge files

    Sometimes I am getting text files that contain only XYZ (easting, northing, and height) with 10-15GB size (points or polylines). If I need to interpolate that file or create fishnet, adjust Z value of data or etc. in ...
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  • Basins at ArcGIS

    Hello,   I would like to express a question about the Basin tool, from the Hydrology of Spatial Analyst tools. I use the Flow Direction raster in order to create the Basins of an area. I can' t understad what th...
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  • Distortion in the 'Basin' GP Tool raster output

    I was trying out the procedure to delineate watershed using series of geoprocessing tools in ArcMap 10.5.1. Everything seems to go exceedingly well that I was a little afraid of the degree of hitch that will pop up. E...
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  • Autopopulate adress in form after collecting a new asset on the map

    Is there a way to  autopopulate the address column in survey 123 when collecting a location based point data?
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  • what are the main difference between ArcGIS  and Mapinfo?

    I am using ArcGIS for 2 years. but some of my friends use mapinfo . I am confused. any clear ideas about it.
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  • Import Navionics Sonar Charts

    Hello,   I recently purchased the Navionics Platinum sea charts for Central and S-Florida. It includes the very detailed sonar charts. How can I import these bathymetric data into ArcGIS as *.shp files (contour ...
  • Tidal Movement Models

    Hi, is there a way to plot tidal movement in ArcMap? I am trying to plot how far larvae spawned into the water column from shipwreck site will get in a certain time.   I have two main sources of data for this th...
  • bathy major and minor contours

    hi,   I have to compare some bathy data from two different surveys (two different years) The old data have in the table of attributes : "bathy grid=0.3" and "Major" and "minor" contour. That is why we have ask...
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  • Deriving rivers / streams from the contour lines;

    Hi All,   I couldn’t figure out if there is a way to derive rivers from the contour lines. I tried to convert a contour to dem by using the Create Tin, tin to Raster tools.   Then, I used the follow...
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  • Bathymetry map (DEM) and the reservoir Volume from bathymetry points

    Hi, I would like to create a bathymetry map (DEM) and calculate the volume for a large riverine reservoir (Lake Diefenbaker). I have the bathymetry depth points. The first issue is how can I restrict the interpolatio...
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  • Metadata wizard deletes metadata?

    I used the Metadata Wizard to write metadata a few weeks ago. Now I am going back and making revisions to the metadata, however I noticed that everytime I open the XML through the wizard any pre-existing text is delet...
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  • What is the standart for BAG creation?

    Hello Dear GIS users. Could you please advise with  question regarding  BAG file? We are starting work with BAG format. We have Fledermaus and ArcGIS. Input data is x, y, z gridded file (0.5x0.5 meters). W...
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  • ArcCN-runoff

    Where can I download this ArcCN-runoff extension tool?
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  • ArcCN runoff script unit conversion

    Hello!   I have a question on unit conversion while using ArcCN runoff script. I am using metric measurements. My area data for landuse and soil maps are in squaremeters. Precipitation data is in mm. In original...
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  • Calculating CN values by using ArcCN-Runoff: Some problems with the ".dbf".

    Hello to all:   I am experiencing some problems in the calculation of the CN values of an specific watershed. I think the reason could be that ArcCN-Runoff is not able to read my .dbf database properly or, proba...
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  • con statement

    Hello, I am delineating streams using the hydrology tools in the arc toolbox and I have an issue. It is not that I dont know how to do it or what tool to use, but it is a threshold decision. The "conditional statement...
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  • Can We Control Visibility of Individual S57FeatureObject?

    Hello,   After loading the S57 file into HydrographicS57Layer, we can control the visibility of the layer (e.g. entire S57 file). However, we have the requirement of controlling the visibility of S57FeatureObjec...
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  • Multiple hatches with the same value on a line

    After calibrating a route, I have some of the hatches showing multiple times. When zoomed in they show real close together as illustrated in the image below. Does anyone have seen this before, and know what the soluti...