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Hello,     We have Datastore configured in HA with Primary and Standby servers (v10.5.1). It had replication issue and finally it was resolved and now Changing Roles(Active/Standby) are working fine. However, when I try to take backup of datastore, it fails for Relational with a following message:- arcgis data store backup failed. error 'failed… (Show more)
Hi all, my first post... On GeoNet what is the difference between Like and Helpful when marking posts?  I found a definition of Like in but cannot find reference for Helpful. Seam same thing.
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I need to calculate the distance that can be traveled on the country's road network in 1, 2 & 3 days from a particular point. I have a 10.2.1 standard license and am restricted to using Network Analysis on my Pro version. Ran the Service Area tool but am constrained to 300 minutes or ~610 miles. Trying to find a work-around or some way to change… (Show more)
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Hello,   I need to connect an excel sheet exist in a SQL server & this excel sheet is refreshable "update its data per day or per hour"  How Can I connect this excel sheet in ArcMap and continuation see the refreshable data and display it in ArcMap as a feature class and perform the required analysis?   Thanks.
Is there a way to use the Explore tool in ArcGIS Pro to identify the date a World Imagery Basemap was captured as you could using the Identify tool in ArcMap? This information seems to be missing in the ArcGIS Pro metadata/popups when selecting a World Imagery basemap. You would think this would be one of THE most important things to include in… (Show more)
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