2020 Esri Staff & Distributors Top Contributors

Blog Post created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Sep 8, 2020

I want to take a moment and recognize staff and distributors from Esri who have contributed so much to our community. They have done a great job demonstrating the GeoNet Community Guiding Principles by "Being Helpful, Being Human and Being Smart" in their contributions. This list is only a portion of the many that you may see in the community; however, we are thankful for all of our staff & distributors as they help make the community a better place.


2020 Top Esri Contributors



Xander Bakker
Ben Turrell
Derek Law
Robert LeClair
Ismael Chivite
Kory Kramer
James Tedrick
Jake Skinner
Charles Convis
Jonathan Quinn

Uma Harano
George Thompson
Graham Hudgins
Wolfgang Kaiser
Peter Klingman
Owen Evans
Erwin Soekianto
Shane Miles
Jack Lukehart

David Martinez


Thanks again for your continued contribution to the GeoNet Community!


If you missed the 2020 GeoNet Contest winners announcement, be sure to check it out and congratulation our winners!