GeoNet Contest Changes for 2019

Blog Post created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Mar 27, 2019

We are updating the GeoNet Contest for 2019. Our current structure is comprised of a semiannual and an annual contest based on most points earned within that period of time. This method recognizes our most active and contributing members with the highest points for the year. 


For 2019 we are expanding the contest to include and recognize new contributors to the community. We are updating our prize packages and we are aligning our points and badge system with our GeoNet Guiding Principles: Be Helpful, Be Human, Be Smart.


The new contest will be one annual contest with multiple levels. Focusing on contributions throughout the year. The new structure will continue to honor and recognize our MVPs - but at a new level called Elite. In addition, we are expanding the program to include two new levels: Expert level: which recognizes users focused on sharing knowledge by correctly answering questions and Rookie level: which will recognize new users.


Contest Levels:


Elite Level:

  • Total overall points for the year – designed for seasoned/existing members who are answering questions and creating new content.


Expert level:

  • Most replies marked as correct answers (within the year), designed for most helpful/knowledgeable members


Rookie of the Year level:

  • Overall points for new members – designed for members who joined the community in 2019


We are also restructuring the prize packages. We want to reward our contest winners with prizes designed to strengthen Esri knowledge by providing more access to Esri conferences, software licenses, press publications, and developer subscriptions. We are also including the option to transfer conference or software licensing to another member of the winner’s organization.


Prize Packages (will be awarded to the top three for each level):


Elite Prize Package (top 3 Elites awarded)

  • Winner’s choice of either Esri UC Conference Registration or Developer Summit Conference Registration**
  • ArcGIS for Personal Use License, or Developer Subscription
  • GeoNet Badge
  • Esri & GeoNet swag box

Expert Prize Package (top 3 Experts)

  • Winner's choice of Training Voucher /Certification Exam Voucher
  • Choice of Esri Press Publication
  • GeoNet badge
  • Esri & GeoNet swag box

Rookie Prize Package (top 3 Rookies)

  • Choice of Esri Press Publication
  • GeoNet badge
  • Esri & GeoNet swag box


**The winner can send another person from their organization if they cannot attend, or they can donate it to a non-profit organization.


To support these changes the points and badge system will also be updated to better reflect our Guiding Principles and align with the meaningful journey we intend for all GeoNet members. For example, more points will be award for the behaviors we want to see and have repeated. Less points, or less repetition for basic, low value-add actions. In addition, we are updating many of the badge names with more of a resonance in a GIS and Geospatial Community.  Check out our new points structure here: GeoNet Points System - Updated.


In addition to the changes to the contest, we are reworking our overall MVP program, stay tuned for those updates later this year.


Thank you for your participation and contributions to the GeoNet Community!