GeoMentor Case Study Jerry P.: GIS for Tornadoes

Blog Post created by jkeen@aag on Dec 10, 2015

Name of the School, School District, and/or Group you collaborated/are collaborating with: Little Rock, AR


Grade level of students you or your educator collaborator work/worked with (if applicable): 7th


Subject/topic of class/group you assisted your collaborator with (if applicable): GIS - online maps and tools


Approximately how many students were engaged in GIS activities through this collaboration (if applicable): 27


How did you connect with your collaborator?  Was contacted directly after she had reached out to the county GIS department. They referred her to me.


Describe your collaboration process.  Email back and forth to determine what they had covered and the foundation the students had. Decided on a topic and used the materials from the ConnectEd page so they had access to the resources as well as others.


Describe the tasks you assisted your collaborator with.  Walked students through using ArcGIS online to study Tornadoes. Also looked at other maps to contrast how data can be visualized


What available resources, if any, did you use or help your collaborator use to implement GIS in K-12 education? ArcGIS.com, ConnectED resources


What did you gain from the experience? What do you think your educator collaborator and/or the students gained? Students really jumped into working with layers and symbology. There was no apprehension or intimidation


Questions? Email geomentors@aag.org.