• Can I keep integration between Workforce & (custom)Survey app, if I replace Survey123 with custom app done with AppStudio

    Can I keep integration between Workforce & (custom)Survey app, if I replace Survey123 with custom app done with AppStudio
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  • Arcade to change value in specific field for visualization when condition met

    Hey there, I'm trying to get arcade to replace the value in one field when the value in another field is changed. I get no errors in my script, but am uncertain if arcade is capable of this type of action, collector...
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  • python expression

    Hello everybody,   in the picture you can see an attribute table of an heat meter. The number of the heat meter is 11250423. The heat status is given monthly. Now I want to make an expression to get the consumpt...
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  • Unable to load config.json?wab_dv=2.9 status: 404 and an error in handleAs: transformation of response

    I created this app in Web AppBuilder: ArcGIS Web Application    I want to host it on our server. Here were my steps: 1. I first created a local test environment through the IIS Manager called C:\inetp...
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  • When optimizing a route, can I mark stops as mutually exclusive?

    I'm trying to plan a route that would span multiple days. Some of the stops have more than one time window (e.g. on Monday and Wednesday), but the route must only stop at them once not once per time window. As far a...
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  • How to Dynamically Check on/off a service layer?

    In my JavaScript App, there are 5 Group layers, each of which contains 4-5 sub-layers, are loaded from an ArcGIS server.  In debugging, I check the Object  this.map, but I don't know how to loop the servic...
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  • JS CMV source code - How to load a widget to Bottom Panel

    I reviewed the wonderful JS CMV project's source code also by referring to its document about panes: Panes - CMV .  Added the piece of code panes: {    left: { id: 'sidebarLeft', placeAt: 'outer', c...
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  • Related Table's Pop-Up and Chart graph on Date attributes in AGOL

    I have a point feature class with related table saved in AGOL that has historic surveyed values with a date field. I've been configuring the pop-up to show the numeric values in related table as a line chart media, a...
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  • How to dynamically change dojo element values?

    For the items in the Search.html, e.g. the 2 listed below:                 <label data-dojo-attach-point="labelSearchTerm0"> </label>  ...
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  • Re: How to dynamically change dojo element values?

    Could you help me in this? I'm trying the same method, without luck. I'm trying to add progammatic values to the editor widget's input box, because i don't know how to store webmap itemID in a better way. I tried so...
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  • Locators vanishing

    Just a heads up but I design a couple locators for multiple maps that I have in a project and from time to time, for no consistent reason that I can surmise, they just vanish and I have to rebuild them. Is this a know...
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  • AR glasses requirements

    Hello Esri family,   Can you guide me a bit. I am a newbie when it come to AR (augmented reality). I did some initial research, and i see there is support available for both Unity/Unreal and separate S...
  • Customize the home for Portal

    Has anyone used the bootstrap to customize the home portal? Could you give me an example?
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  • satImage_43.zip

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  • How to work with Bootstrap 4 Cards

    Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of Bootstrap at the time of writing. This version makes Bootstrap more powerful and easy to customize and use. One of amazing feature of Bootstrap 4 is Cards   Cards are a new ...
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  • The input points are not within the data coverage area - Using the location api for time travel in south africa

    I am using the Get a route and directions | ArcGIS for Developers api for two coordinates in South Africa. The response indicates that South Africa may not be covered. The actual response is below. Please advise&...
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  • Is it possible to target an ArcMap add-in to an latest version

    I want to merge 10.6.1 and 10.7.1 into one release, It means I will write code on 10.6.1 and develop the setup file and implement on both 10.6.1 and 10.7.1. I just change the target version in config.ersiaddinx : ...
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  • Installation Error during install of ArcGISPro

    Error arises on clicking the .exe file. The dialog box says "An unexpected error while unpacking files. Error code: -2147467259". File name is "ArcGISPro_26_175036.exe"
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  • Data not rendering in arcGIs API in React

    Hi, I'm doing a project for my thesis in software development in React and I'm trying to implement some ArcGIs APIs.  I've managed to linked my database data to render a layer but cannot make the labels working.&...
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  • APIs for NITF with JPEG2000

    Are APIs available in ARC GIS runtime for read/write of NITF images with JPEG2000 compression/decompression? Kindly share the details.
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