I Really Want to Go to DevSummit, But How?

Blog Post created by aniessen-esristaff Employee on Jan 3, 2018

Are you wanting to go to DevSummit in Palm Springs, CA this year but aren't sure how to do so? We have a recommendation. Just a small one....SUBMIT A USER PRESENTATION!


That's right! If you read about how to submit a user presentation to this year's DevSummit and think you have something other developers would love to hear, follow the instructions to submit an abstract and get your presentation out there! 


But wait a second...there's a catch.


You have to do it, within the next week or so soon. That's right! By January 12th, we will be closing the submission window to begin the voting portion of the user presentation process. After the 12th, the developer community will read all of the proposed user presentations and vote on the one they'd love to see make it to DevSummit in Palm Springs. That could be yours!


There's one more thing that you should know about presenting at DevSummit. We think it's kind of a big deal, and to thank you for coming out to present, we offer you the early bird rate for your registration! YES! You receive a discounted rate!


So what are you still reading this blog post for? You should be submitting your abstract RIGHT NOW! GO! RUNNNNNN!