GeoDev Meetup "Maps for Everybody"

Blog Post created by l.schmitzesri-de-esridist Employee on Aug 10, 2017

What a blast! The last geodev meetup in Munich was just great! Many thanks to all of you for coming. With over 80 attendees it was our biggest meetup so far . My special thanks go to the three speakers, and of course also Google Germany for hosting the meetup at their campus in Munich.


Have you missed the meetup? No problem, we have recorded all talks, see below. You also can find all slides at the end of this blog. And don't worry, after the meetup is before the meetup  You can find all the details on meetup.com or here on GeoNet.


See you again soon!







Matt Bühler, vrbn - Mapping 3d worlds

Mapping is an inherently graphical & therefore creative task, where everybody may need individual, tailor-made solutions. In this presentation, Matt shows examples of his work of creating 3d maps, where he's leveraging cutting edge technology and scripted workflows for historic reconstructions, city planning scenarios and the creation of entirely fictional environments.



Prof. Mark Vetter, HS Karlsruhe - How digital maps are changing our spatial orientation skills?

The use of digital maps in smartphones will have an impact on our spatial orientation skills and our map reading competence. Therefore, we conducted a study with Munich high school students in the years 2013 and 2015 to reveal and quantify these changes. What could possibly be done in future school lessons to avoid further loss of this cultural competence?




Thomas Felber, Linde AG - BeeZero. Carsharing service with Zero Emissions


BeeZero® is the world's largest and friendliest car sharing with hydrogen. With BeeZero, a new environmentally friendly and modern form of mobility comes into the city. Thanks to the innovative hydrogen technology, we help you to reduce pollutants and traffic noise without sacrificing the convenience of a car. Learn about how we built a fully functional car sharing system within 100 days from scratch. In this talk you will also hear about the telematics used to operate and maintain to cars, the challenges we faced around map visualization and why we decided to start from scratch. Bee part of it, Beezero.