GeoDev Meetup Munich #4 2016

Blog Post created by l.schmitzesri-de-esridist Employee on Nov 24, 2016


What a great geodev meetup in Munich! I was super happy to see so many new faces. Hopefully a sign, that the word gets spread:-)


We had a great line-up of speakers again. Many thanks again, our meetups wouldn't be possible without you!


  1. Carsten Schumann, AED-SICAD AG: "Eye2eye – A brainstorm-app to ease participation on land-consolidation in Europe". Slides attached.
  2. Sebastian Feld, LMU: " Alternative Routes in Constrained Free Space Scenarios“. Slides attached.
  3. Ralf Schüpferling, Esri Deutschland: "What will your drone do for you? Turn your Drone into a GIS Tool". His story map can be found here.
  4. Frederic Meyer-Scharenberg, CrowdGuard Germany: "CrowdGuard Emergency Community: How location data can improve public and private safety." Slides attached.


I have already posted my pictures on our meetup group. Please share yours, too. And please let us know if you want to give a lighting talk on your work next time!


Finally: Don't forget to subscribe to our GeoNet group! With a bit of luck you will win a free pass to the upcoming Esri Developer Summit in Berlin. We will announce the lucky winner until end of next week! If you are not the lucky one you can get a 10% discount using the this link.


I hope to see you all again soon!