• Enterprise Geodatabase in Azure SQL database

    A sde-schema enterprise geodatabase was created in Azure SQL database. Attachment documents what I did. 
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  • gis tutorial 3 book - tutorial 5.3 - setting up geodatabase topology

    good morning, i'm working on the book "Gis Tutorial 3- advanced workbook", and i finished tutorial 5.3 that explain how to build a new geodatabase topology for City of Oleander.mdb i built in ArcCatalog, in Fea...
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  • ArcSDE & SQL Server Compatibility Level & Slow Data Loading

    Summary - SQL Server Compatibility Level 130 (from 2012 Compatibility Level 110) resolves slow Data Access Issue - Configuration - Windows 2016, SQL Server 2016 upgraded from SQL Server 2012, ArcGIS Desktop 10.6...
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  • Table editable in ArcGIS Pro and Not ArcMap

    I have a registered non-spatial table on our enterprise geodatabase (version 10.7) that I'm unable to edit using ArcMap 10.7, but am able to edit using ArcGIS pro 2.4. When a user attempts to insert a new record into ...
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  • geoprocessing tools

    We were given a feature dataset containing: city limits, flood zones (delineated as zones A, B, C), fault zones, streets and crime locations. Which geoprocessing tool is best to use for the question: it must not be pl...
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  • Blog discussion - branch versioning

    A series of blogs are released that discuss branch versioning in ArcGIS Pro / ArcGIS Enterprise. This discussion is for questions that are directly related to content/concepts included in these blogs.    Br...
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  • Generating list of datasets for Analyze Datasets Tool

    I have a few questions about the suggested Python scripting for the Analyze Datasets tool. The suggested Python (from  Analyze Datasets—Help | ArcGIS Desktop is: # Import system modules import arcpy im...
  • Deleting schema locks

    I am wondering how people are deleting schema locks? We are on oracle 11g and SDE 10.1. I have been using a sql delete query run from TOAD to do it for users that have read only connections...
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  • When to use ArcGIS Data Store?

    Hi GeoNet,   I have recently installed and configured ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 with the intention of using it to replace the current Flex for ArcGIS applications ( I know, I inherited it). At the same time we...
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  • excel to sql server

    i have problem withj connection  with gis  after i have import excel table to sql server what can do for solve this problem 
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  • Approach for Data Model Changes

    Hi All,   I just wanted to start a discussion about data model changes. We have many instances where we need to do some or all of the following - 1. Field addition/deletion/renaming or any other field change. ...
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  • table with 2 sets X, Y

    I have a table that has an origin X, Y (XP YP) and a destination X, Y (XD, YD) and an in-house 3rd party program that creates a OD vector line, however, this 3rd party tool reads lat/lons only. is there a formular to ...
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  • Geodatabase Rights

    We have file geodatabases that are very data sensitive. Is there a way to put Read only rights on a geodatabase?? Where people can see them and work with them but they can't hurt the data or change it.
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  • Geodatabase question

    Hi, my name is Michael.  I'm a new Enterprise Architect for my organization and I'm trying to find some getting started links to understand the underlying data structure of our GIS database.  We are using 10...
  • Participate in an exam blueprint survey!

    Would you like to help determine which topics hold the most weight on an Esri certification exam? We want your feedback on the Enterprise Geodata Management Professional exam objectives. Click the link below to take a...
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  • Archive Restore Tool

    So, you been using geodatabase archiving to keep a history of your data's changes.  But you need to make a change to the feature class that requires archiving/versioning to be turned off or worst, you need to cha...
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  • Replication from Traditional versioned DB to Branch versioned DB?

    Hi Everyone,   Has anyone played around with the idea of replicating between a Traditionally versioned geodatabase and a new Branch versioned geodatabase?    We are currently very interested in moving...
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  • Is it possible Oracle sde database transfer to SAP HANA database?? Append or Replica?

    I am trying to transfer data from the Oracle database to the SAP Hana database. I managed the transfer the data using Append python tool by Arcgis Pro. However, I would like to transfer data while looking at the diffe...
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  • Spatial Views and Relationships

    I am working in a Server for ArcGIS 10.3 environment with a Versioned Enterprise Oracle 12.g gdb. We have a number of spatial tables/queries that are renewed every day. The Spatial tables are created joining several ...
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  • Fundamental flaw when opening attribute tables in ArcGIS Pro?

    Can someone from ESRI please have a good look at this. @Kory Kramer, @George Thompson, @Vince Angelo   For some background: - ArcGIS Pro 2.1.3 on Windows 10 - PostgreSQL 9.6 on Ubuntu 18.04 running on a Virtua...
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