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I'm trying make a query layer using tabular information in an Oracle database and a parcel centriod point file. The SQL query I'm using is not working and the error seems like the oracle table is not being found.   Attached is my SQL statement and error message
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What is the best way to make an entire copy of an SDE geodatabase to a "test" SDE geodatabase?   
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I am trying to rebuild Indexes including system indexes and it runs for about 10 minutes and then just stops.    I have left it for several hours and the trace file from SQL Server just does not increment, it is as if the process just hangs.   The database is SQL Server 2016 on Amazon RDS.  I have run trace files for other operations like… (Show more)
Which SDE/GDB tables contain the replication logs?    I'd like to write a job to verify that the replication is taking place daily and that it's successful, if not, send out an email alert.  Has anyone done this already?  Thanks.   Env:  SQL Server 2012, SDE 10.4
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Hi Geonet, We have some issues about geometric network and comparing SDE geodatabases.   Assuming that we’ve SDE including geometric network and we exported a part of data into a File Geodatabase to use in the field data collection.  After some editing in a disconnected environment and finished editing we want to load data into the SDE.  So the… (Show more)
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I am wondering how people are deleting schema locks? We are on oracle 11g and SDE 10.1. I have been using a sql delete query run from TOAD to do it for users that have read only connections...
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I am trying to add users and update their privileges to a feature dataset using ArcCatalog, which has no users currently (and I am not sure why).  I have tried to add privileges to both the versioned and unversioned versions of this dataset.  I can enter the user (DOMAIN\USER) and select the privileges.  When I click on Apply, the system chugs… (Show more)
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Hi all, I compress our Oracle SDE Geodatabase 10.1 from 10.6.1 client (run also analyze datasets, and rebuild indexes) and I have notice that it is much more faster tham from 10.1 or 10.2.1 client (using the same tool). Is this speed improvment OK? Or could be gedatabase compress in inappropriate way?   Thank you.
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Click to view contentHow can I get a Query Layer to show DateTime for the data type instead of Date?   I am wanting to use a query layer to append to an SDE Feature class and if the format is Date, then the append process puts NULL instead of the Date.   I have tried multiple ways in the SQL query in both ArcMap and ArcGIS but each time it shows as a Date Data Type… (Show more)
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