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Hi,   What would be best approach to be notified when a user edits data by ArcMap or ArcGis Rest Services.     Environment: ArcMap & ArcGis Server 10.4.1, Oracle Sde   Thanks in advance   Enterprise GIS Geodatabase ArcGIS Enterprise
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I'm using the Attribute Assistant add on to try to achieve this task. Is there an expression that I could write in the DynamicValue table so that the tool looks at the subtype field of a feature class and then determines which Sequence that it needs to use?   For example, I'm working with a dummy valve feature class where there are two subtypes :… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hello everybody,   I want to set up a enterprise geodatabase to share vector and raster data with my colleagues. It is the first time I use a data base instead of files/file geodatabase and I have some questions:   1. Do I need ArcGIS for Server to use a enterprise geodatabase? I have read that you need this license file that comes with ArcGIS… (Show more)
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ArcGIS desktop 10.5.1; ArcGIS 10.3.1 (EGDB) and SQL 2014.   I've encountered a very strange situation and after beating my head against the computer screen for much of the day, I'm at wits end.   I have a script that used to truncate an existing feature class in an EGDB and then append fresh data from a FGDB source feature class.  I discovered… (Show more)
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We have file geodatabases that are very data sensitive. Is there a way to put Read only rights on a geodatabase?? Where people can see them and work with them but they can't hurt the data or change it.
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Hi, need some help! I have a geodatabase in SQL Server 2016 called "sig" in which users with names "sde" and "mit" have worked on it. I have been asked to stop using the user "mit" and only use the user "sde", so I need to delete the user mit and pass all the schemes that he had to the user sde. Is it possible to do that? In what way should I do… (Show more)
in Geodatabase
Hello,   I am super new using Oracle and I am having some problems creating a database in oracle. I have installed Oracle (with no database created) I also set the path environment variable in windows server and I am able to access other Oracle DBs already created.    I do not have an oracle database created in this new server Do I need to have… (Show more)
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I am running ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.1 with SQL Server 2016 as my enterprise GDB.   When I import a FC into Arcmap from the Enterprise GDB and right click tyhe layer, export to shapefile I get the following error.   I can reproduce this behavior on ALL* 2k+ Feature classes in my database.   the only way for me to export a FC to shapefile is to do… (Show more)
I am receiving this error while clicking on the lock tab in Geodatabase Administration using ArcCatalog 10.5.1.  Has anyone else experienced this?  
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