• ITRF 2005 coordinates conversion to lat and long

    Hello,   I am an engineer working in solar sector, recently I received the coordinates of about 30 sites for solar projects in Rwanda in the format that later was communicated was  Projected Coordinate Syst...
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  • Importing scenarios to new version of HAZUS

    I updated HAZUS from v 4.0 to 4.2 and now I am trying to import my scenario files into the new version, but I'm coming across an error. After I import the .hpr files and open the scenario a message states "0x80040ed I...
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  • Hazus compatibility with 10.5.1?

    Hi All,   I just downloaded the latest Hazus and I'm running on 10.5.1. My IT guy said that it should be backwards compatible but I'm getting errors every time I try to create a region, as well as when I try to ...
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  • How can I use HazUS without full compatibility?

    Hi All, I am struggling with obtaining HazUS data and am hoping someone out there can offer me some advice: My situation: I am an American masters student in Sweden researching the connection between social vulner...
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  • Does 10.4.1 or 10.5 include patch "ArcGIS for Desktop Query Layer Join for Hazus–MH® Patch". 

    I can't find in the patch notes if this patch "ArcGIS for Desktop Query Layer Join for Hazus–MH® Patch" has been rolled into 10.4.1 or 10.5.  Does anyone know? It won't install for 10.5.
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