• Returning to Campus Safely - Resources Page

    This 'blog' post will be a continually evolving resource to assist education customers with their planning, preparation, and response to Covid-19. Esri has pushed out a wide array of resources that include ArcGIS Solu...
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  • My Arctools are present but none are working.  Double-clicking on any tool doesn't show anything. How can I solve this?

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  • What is a Smart Campus?

    A Smart Campus provides an environment for learning, innovation, and career development that is safe and sustainable, using data-driven decisions to make the best use of resources.   Learn how the University of ...
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  • Indoor Routing and Navigation

    Can your organization benefit from having indoor routing and navigation added to ArcGIS platform technologies?  Specific feedback under "Other" on how you would use this capability is a bonus.  Thanks!
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  • APPA, Leadership in Educational Facilities Conference

    Will you or your colleagues be attending the July 2019 APPA Annual Conference in Denver?  Esri will be there, please stop by our exhibit.  Schedule a meeting or conversation. Yes! I want to ta...
  • 3D inside buildings

    Has anyone created 3D in ArcGIS to show the inside of buildings (hallways, crawlspaces, rooms, doors) that you can fly through and click on an asset, for example, a Fire Extinguisher or a pipe, and obtain attributes? ...
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  • The Ohio State University: GIS Integration for Campus Operations

    Curious about what other educational institutions are doing with GIS to support campus planning, operations, and safety? Here's a brand-new article about the work thatLarisa Kruger and her colleagues have been underta...
  • Esri Facilities Resources August 2018.pdf

    The Esri Facilities Resources document provides pathways to information about the ArcGIS platform and a variety of its components, our alliance with Autodesk, the Campus Mapping Initiative, training, consulting servic...
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  • Facilities and Indoor GIS Events and Activities @ Esri UC 2018

    If you are attending the Esri User Conference in San Diego and you are involved with the use of GIS to help plan, operate, and protect your campus and built environment then you want to examine this focused agenda. It...
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  • Creat spatially balanced points tool

    I have points groundwater quality data. The data consist of coordinates, x,y,z and the water quality results for each borehole location. I want to use create spatially balanced points tool to select boreholes for moni...
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  • Updated ArcGIS Online Training Guide

    As more GISers expand their use of the ArcGIS platform, ArcGIS Online is taking on greater importance, including apps such as Collector, Survey 123, the Operations Dashboard, and Story Map templates. A great way ...
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  • arcgis for Autocad- connect to enterprise geodatabase

    How do I connect to a known Enterprise geodatabase using ArcGIS for AutoCAD?
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    Is anyone integrating GIS with ARCHIBUS? Are you using built-in tools or the Geospatial Extension for ESRI? Pros/cons?
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  • Facility Management

    If we have big facility and we map every feature like cctc, lights and all assets on map over web and devcies. we need to monitor every asset and take decisions. Do we readily available tools in for this from ArcGIS. ...
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  • Smart Installations: Resetting Federal Infrastructure

    “No longer can Federal IT be seen as merely a back-office function and the management of government information relegated to a lower-level priority. Federal agencies must adapt to the modern digital world.”...
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  • Indoor Routing and Navigation

    Please indicate (Y or N) if you would like to see indoor routing and navigation added to ArcGIS platform technologies?  Specific feedback on how you would use this capability is a bonus.  Thanks!
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  • Smart Installations: Getting Smarter with IoT

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has generated a great deal of interest, particularly for how these connected devices can motivate transformation and make our facilities and installations smarter. This new level of two-wa...
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  • Aaron's Consolidated Resource List

    Thought I would create a page where I could post all the random videos, code, and other resources.  I know I have a hard enough time finding everything myself!   If you know of something I missed, let me kn...
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  • Esri @ IBM Interconnect 2017

    Open video

  • Error message in Feature analyst

    I am extracting rooftops in an orthophoto using feature analyst. i prepared my training samples and runned the program to extract the rooftops. Initially after several trials i still could not get any results, no chan...
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