Explorer FAQs from the 2018 Dev Summit

Blog Post created by TCrum-esristaff Employee on Mar 22, 2018

Offline Map Support (MMPK)


Is there support for TPKs? 

A: Yes, TPK support in Mobile Map Packages is coming in 18.1.1 for iOS and 18.1.0 for Android. 


Does Explorer support vector tiles?

A: Yes it does.


Are labels supported in MMPKs in Explorer?

A: Yes, labels are supported depending on how you author your MMPK. 


Is label conflict detection supported?

A: Yes it is, and we are working to further improve the label conflict detection. 


Can the MMPK creation process be scripted? 

A: Yes it can, using Geoprocessing Tools.


When an MMPK is updated, does Explorer download only the changes or the entire map package? 

A: Currently Explorer will download the entire MMPK when there are updates available. We are working on a solution for downloading only the changes for a future release of Explorer. 


Map Markup


Can you add markup labels and have them be displayed on the map? 

A: Currently markup labels can be viewed by selecting a markup element. We're working on a solution where these labels could be displayed on the map. 


Is markup associated with the map that its drawn in? 

A: No, markup isn't associated with the map you were viewing when you made it, it is associated with the app. You can use more than one markup layer to manage the display of markup across multiple maps.


Does markup work when I'm offline? 

A: Yes it does, you can add and edit markup in both online and offline environments. With that being said, you do need to be online to share markup with your ArcGIS organization. 


Is markup a new item type or is it stored as a feature in a feature service?

A: Markup is a new type of item.


Does sharing markup share all markup seen in the view or in the entire map?

A: It depends on how you share the markup. If sharing an image of it, it is a screen capture and just shows what is on your screen (in the extent and visible on the map). Sharing the markup directly with another user or with your ArcGIS organization shares a layer of markup. Each layer of markup you choose to share is shared in full, including the geometry, symbology, label, and any notes for each feature in your markup (independent of what is currently on-screen for the layer).




If a user clicks a URL scheme link and doesn't have Explorer installed what happens?

A: In iOS the URL scheme link would be disabled (not clickable) if Explorer wasn't on the device. Android will return a 'Cannot find an openable app' message.


Can you launch other apps from Explorer?

A: Yes, you can add URLs to popups to launch other apps such as Collector, Navigator or Survey 123.


Can you configure popups to pass attributes?

A: Yes, using the URL scheme.


Can you download multiple offline areas from a single webmap?

A: Soon in the 18.2 release of Explorer you will be able to take parts of a webmap offline and you can take as many area off line as you want from a single webmap. 


Is the size of the download shown before taking an area offline? 

A: Not currently, but we are working to provide an estimate of the offline area download size. 


Is Google authentication supported on Android? 

A: Yes, Google + authentication will be supported in the 18.1.0 release.


Any plans for Explorer on Windows?

A: Currently we do not have plans to build Explorer on the Windows 10 platform. We are continually evaluating platforms demand for our apps. See this Esri blog post for additional information.