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Announcement 1 If you are experiencing the iOS 13 IWA authentication bug, the fix is live!
Announcement:If you are experiencing the iOS 13 IWA authentication bug, the fix is live!
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I created an mmpk with ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2 and uploaded to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1. When I use ArcGIS Explorer for iOS, the group layers are gone. All layers are visible but I would like to toggle group layers. Is this possible?
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Hi, Users are reporting that Explorer requires them to sign in each time they use it. Meaning that they need to authenticate on the ArcGIS server secured service on each use (this is not the sign in to our AGOL org). Does anyone have ideas about what might cause this? My understanding is that once a user has authenticated and assuming the app is… (Show more)
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Hi, I noticed a change in the sign in interface (for authenticating secured services) in the latest version of Explorer (19.1.0). The webmap consumes several services (arcgis server services) that are secured with windows auth, and users must sign in with their network passwords. Previously, the sign in dialog displayed when the map first loaded.… (Show more)
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This video discusses how Offline Areas work and how they can be integrated into your offline workflow. For additional information, you can visit this site.   Additional information about integration with Survey 123 can be found here. offline area offline data offline explorer explorer for arcgis beta
Using the latest version of Explorer for Windows through the windows store, I am able to log into our portal instance and see the offline areas we generated. These areas are working in Explorer for IOS (latest version) and Collector without problems.   When we try to download the areas with the Windows 10 version, the download appears to start,… (Show more)
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I want to search by the fields I specified in the web map in the mobile Explorer app.  How is this done?  Seems worthless if you can't search your objects in the mobile environment.
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OK, so I have a web map that is able to be viewed in the mobile ESRI app Explorer. On iPhones/Apple devices I can click on the feature scroll down to the bottom of the attributes and I have the ability to get directions from whichever software I choose ie. google maps, waze, apple maps; as far as android I do not have that capability of generating… (Show more)
in Explorer for ArcGIS
Hello,   I am looking to add a layer attribute to the search bar in explorer. I enable the search bar to look for a layer attribute in Portal but it does not seem to carry through to the mobile app.   Does this functionality exist? can I search by layer attribute in ArcGIS Explorer Mobile app?   Thanks for the help! Matt
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Is there a What’s New doc for the Explorer for ArcGIS version 19.1.0 that was released yesterday for iOS?   According to the info provided in the app store, one of the new features of the 19.1.0 release is “Improved Explorer Links.”  Could someone describe and provide an example of what is provided with this feature?
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I have side-loaded Explorer for ArcGIS onto a Windows 10 machine, and I also have the latest IOS version of Explorer downloaded to my IOS IPad.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Windows 10 version honors the Display Field ID in the Search Results Window for my MMPK, as I configured it for a layer from within ArcGIS Pro 2.4. In… (Show more)
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