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Announcement 1 What's New in Explorer (March 2020) - parity across iOS, Android, Windows!
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Click to view content  Hi~~~ I would appreciate it if you could allow mmpk to be loaded.
in Explorer for ArcGIS
Click to view contentThese are exciting times for Explorer for ArcGIS! We recently announced that Explorer has arrived on Windows 10. In addition, we just delivered new releases for Explorer on iOS and Android which bring powerful new offline capabilities and an improved experience to the app across all supported platforms. Explorer is the best mobile application… (Show more)
in Explorer for ArcGIS
I want to search by the fields I specified in the web map in the mobile Explorer app.  How is this done?  Seems worthless if you can't search your objects in the mobile environment.
in Explorer for ArcGIS
If you had sideloaded MMPKs in the previous version of Explorer on Android, you probably noticed that they are no longer appearing in your list of maps after updating to the new version. Don't worry! They haven't disappeared, they just need to be moved to a new location on your device's storage. With the new release of Explorer for ArcGIS version… (Show more)
in Explorer for ArcGIS
I have several Mobile Map Packages (150-170mb in size). These work fine on IOS with version 19.1 of Explorer. However the Maps will not open after they are downloaded to any Android device using version 18.1.   The map looks like it downloads and has a green tick beside it, but when the icon is selected nothing happens. Selecting map details and… (Show more)
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Click to view contentSome of our android tablets crash when we use the locate/zoom to me button in explorer. I can zoom around, but once I touch that button, it crashes. It would be this button on the Android tablet.   We use the map to show assets (a dynamic query layer) and launch (and pass data from the query layer) into Survey123.  The tablets affected are all… (Show more)
in Explorer for ArcGIS
Can I have both in the new Explorer for iOS?   I have been using a tpk (raster) and a vtpk (vector) in a mmpk on Explorer for about year. Works great. Can I also have a web map with some layers that change more often? That will download on a schedule?
in Explorer for ArcGIS
Hi Dev Team,   Great work on the new update, been waiting for this one for a while.   Is there any plan to support GeoPDF's in Explorer? We're finding it quite difficult to compete with some apps around our business (such as Avenza) which do support GeoPDF's.
in Explorer for ArcGIS
Hi. I'm assessing the option of providing an mmpk for our field staff who use explorer. This is for our firefighters to access Prefire drawings of buildings that have details useful in emergency response. Currently, they use explorer with an online map, which is publicly accessible and secured via the map service, but they frequently complain… (Show more)
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