• Explorer for ArcGIS Beta installer

    Hello,  I´m having issues with the microsoft store and I would like to install the Explorer for ArcGIS beta version, is it possible to get the installer somewhere else?  Thank you.  Fiorella
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  • Explorer Windows 20.1 Beta 3 available

    Explorer Windows 20.1 Beta 3 available. It can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/explorer-for-arcgis-beta/9p47gjtlm9nt?activetab=pivot:overviewtab    Here is what's new in this release: ...
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  • Getting directions with Explorer for ArcGIS app by public account

    I am logging into the Explorer app by my public account. On Android devices, I could use the direction function but not on the iOS device. Can you tell me what the reason is? I didn't see any help pages that address t...
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  • Does the amount of data affect battery life for offline mobile apps?

    For working in remote locations with mobile apps such as Explorer or Collector, used in offline mode, is there a relationship to amount of data in the file and device battery life? Is there a penalty to using many/la...
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  • Sideloading Explorer for ArcGIS

    Explorer for ArcGIS for Windows is built with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). For information about UWP apps, see the following Microsoft documentation: What's a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) ap...
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  • Dropped pin coordinates in Android Beta

    Last year I asked this question about the coordinate system for dropped pins.  Looks like the functionality has made it into the current iOS production release and I've just noticed that it's now also availa...
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  • Explorer for ArcGIS - Windows

    When will Explorer for Windows (non-beta) be released? Any updates since April?    Thanks!
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  • Markup Sent Confirmation Pop-up

    For the next release of Explorer, it would be great to see some sort of pop-up that confirms a markup has been successfully shared with your organization's Portal.  Currently, once you hit 'save' the share markup...
  • Explorer for ArcGIS Android Beta

    We previously reported an issue regarding authentication under case #02317931 for the previous release of the Explorer for ArcGIS on Android (Version 18.1.0 Build 2058), where the certificate for wildcards failed. ...
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  • Will MMPK functionality in Windows version be available in Android version?

    I am impressed with how the Windows version of Explorer for ArcGIS can display raster and raster functions that are embedded within MMPKs. Unfortunately I see that the Android version can not load the same MMPKs. Is t...
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  • Will the new version of Explorer for ArcGIS for iOS support changing basemaps in offline maps like Collector for ArcGIS?

    Currently in Collector for ArcGIS, when you take a map offline, you are able to sideload basemap files (TPK, VTPK, etc.) using iTunes and use those basemaps with your offline map. It would be very beneficial to have t...
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  • What's New in Explorer for ArcGIS Beta 4 (Windows), October 2019

    We are pushing out one last beta before our final release, and it's got some great stuff we want you to try out. Things like:   Support for on-demand offline map areas A relatively new feature in ArcGIS is...
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  • Explorer for Windows - Surface X??

    Does anyone know if the beta version for Windows 10 runs (or should run) successfully under the new Surface X, which uses a non-intel processor?  I am recommending this software for a very small Municipality, and...
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  • Getting Started with Explorer for ArcGIS (Windows 10)

    First of all thanks for showing interest in Explorer on the Windows platform. The team is really looking forward to working with you to build this next version of Explorer.   Here are some quick steps to ge...
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  • Loading MMPKs to Public Folder

    Currently, it's my understanding that you have to side load MMPKs to user specific profiles on Windows tablets. We have utility crews that share tablets and our IT policies don't allow for universal logins. This ...
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  • MMPK - Explorer BETA - Extent Issue

    I am having issues with an mmpk file in Explorer Beta version with Windows 10 Mobile. (side-loaded)   the extent is stuck at an usual scale it either goes out farther than necessary and not in far enough or open...
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  • Explorer for ArcGIS

    I like to app.   I used ArcGIS Pro 2.4, created a TPK using the Esri base imagery.  I took the TPK with a few other layers and created a mmpk file.  The mmpk file I created was saved to a local drive.&#...
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  • Production release date/search functionality

    Has there been a determination made on the initial production release date for the windows Explorer application?  The last I heard, the initial production release date was going to be near the end of August 2019....
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  • What's New in Explorer for ArcGIS Beta 3 (June 2019)

    Beta 3 is now available in the Microsoft Store! We've got lots of great updates for you, including: The ability to side-load Explorer onto your Windows device. Can't use the Microsoft Store? Use the info in Justin's ...
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  • Offline Search Functionality

    We have the most recent beta version running on Microsoft Surface Go's.  I have MMPKs configured with both a custom geocoder and have individual layers configured for attribute searches.    The search ...
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