What's New in Explorer for ArcGIS Beta 4 (Windows), October 2019

Blog Post created by SBall-esristaff Employee on Oct 8, 2019

We are pushing out one last beta before our final release, and it's got some great stuff we want you to try out. Things like:


Support for on-demand offline map areas

A relatively new feature in ArcGIS is the ability to create offline areas based on web maps. It can be done two ways: map authors can predefine areas for mobile users to take offline, or mobile users can define the area they want to take with them 'on demand' whenever they like. We brought you the former in the last beta, and we bring you the latter in this beta. On-demand offline workflows provide great flexibility for your field workers. Feel free to try it out with your web maps! Be aware that taking maps offline on-demand packages up all your layers and basemaps in real time and can be somewhat resource intensive.



Support for adding and removing favorite maps

Does your organization have too many maps to keep track of? Would you prefer to have the handful you work with regularly pop to the top of your map browser in Explorer? Try out 'favorites', an easy way to keep track of maps you work with often. These favorites sync across ArcGIS, so maps marked as a favorite in Explorer will also show up as a favorite in ArcGIS Online or Enterprise (and vice versa).  



Switch to basemaps with different spatial reference systems

You asked for it, we're delivering it. If you have basemaps in your organization that have different spatial reference systems, you can now switch easily between all of them in Explorer. No longer are you stuck being able to only open basemaps that are in the same spatial reference system as your original map! 



In addition to those items, we've also been working hard to add:


  • Support for group layers in mobile map packages
  • Ability to refresh screen while browsing list of maps
  • Download on WiFi only setting
  • Feature search sorting enhancements
  • Definition query now honored when searching MMPK
  • Capability to search for a coordinate
  • Improved error messages when using custom URL schemes
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated translations


You can find all of these updates in the Microsoft store by searching for 'Explorer for ArcGIS beta' (they will be available soon as a sideloadable package; I'll edit that into the blog here when it is ready). Dig in, try it out, and leave us feedback to let us know how it's going. We look forward to wrapping things up in the beta and getting the initial release of Explorer for ArcGIS on Windows out soon!


Happy Exploring!

Scott and the Explorer for ArcGIS team