What's New and What's Coming in Explorer for ArcGIS Beta 2 (April 2019)

Blog Post created by SBall-esristaff Employee on Apr 19, 2019

Beta 2 for Explorer for ArcGIS (WIndows) has just been released to the Microsoft Store! There are lots of good updates in beta 2, but before you rush out and download it we have a very important announcement:


Before installing beta 2, uninstall any previous versions of Explorer for ArcGIS on your Windows machine!


There have been some major under-the-hood changes that will cause Explorer to crash if you don't perform a fresh install for beta 2 (this release). Ok, with that taken care of - back to the good stuff!


What's New in Beta 2

  • Added support for secure layers
  • Users can now browse for maps inside Groups in their ArcGIS organization
  • Improved raster file support in mobile map packages (mmpk's)
  • Explorer displays featured data sources when browsing for maps (if they are configured within the ArcGIS organization) 
  • Map packages that have been downloaded to the device are now displayed in an 'On Device' section when browsing for maps
  • Mobile map packages can now be loaded into Explorer directly from the device (this method does not require first publishing the mobile map package to ArcGIS)
  • Added notification when users attempt to open unsupported web maps (typically older maps created pre-2.0 web map spec)
  • The Magnifier tool no longer will pop up / get in the way while in Measure mode
  • Improved support for RTL languages
  • Updated localization
  • Removed Living Atlas content when browsing for maps
  • Updated the minimum supported version of Windows 10 to 1803

    What's coming in a future beta

    • A stand-alone installer for users / organizations who can't access the Microsoft Store
    • Advanced markup functionality (actions and notes)
    • Anonymous and Enterprise sign-in
    • Support for downloading pre-planned offline areas
    • The ability to take parts of web maps offline on-demand from within the app
    • URL scheme support
    • "Pull to refresh" when browsing for maps
    • Additional user settings


    Known issues in beta 2

    • Can't sign in with a second IWA account
    • Definition queries are not honored when searching mobile map packages
    • Download progress is not reflected in the map card for non-registered Portal items
    • The search tool is reset when another tool is activated


    How to get it

    Explorer for ArcGIS beta 2 is now available in the Microsoft Store. You can get it two ways:

    • Go directly to the listing using this link, or
    • Open the Microsoft Store and search for "Explorer for ArcGIS beta"




    As always, we want to know what you think! Let us know how things are going for you by commenting here in the GeoNet site or emailing us directly at Explorer4ArcGIS [at] esri [dot] com.


    Happy Exploring!

    Scott and the Explorer for ArcGIS team