• Can Esri's Quick Capture App be configured to work in an offline environment? Where we are there are no cell towers, but there are noxious weeds.

    I find no reference to Quick Capture being used in an offline environment. It seems to assume, and I presume rely on, connectivity.
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  • Recreation License Outreach Dashboard

    Is there any documentation on how ESRI is interpreting the Recreation License Dashboard, particularly the popups? 
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  • What does a negative value of 'Mean Error' mean?

    Hello everybody, I'm stuck up at some point of performing IDW. The problem is : "I performed IDW for EMF levels from cell phone towers. The resulting Mean Prediction error in cross-validation is -0.0081." I've read ab...
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  • Tabular Labels for Multi-Level Analytical Results

    I've had much success using the Python-based data dictionary/search cursor technique for labeling expressions in ArcMap provided in previous blog posts by Richard Fairhurst - for more information, see his po...
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  • How to fix my CSV file containing a WKT field error?

    The CSV created from a shapefile contains a WKT field has the Linestring spilling over into other fields. The CSV draws just fine in QGIS, but I need to be able to view the CSV in Excel as well. Some features are...
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  • I am struggling with extracting NDVI values for particular shapefiles from an entire raster dataset of NDVI in ArcGIS 10.4.

    I have a geotiff 16 bit multispectral data which converted to NDVI. Now I have about 30 polygons which are basically buffer strips on a stream and I want average, minimum and maximum NDVI value for each polygon. I use...
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  • I am attempting to display a creek with multiple species of fish. I have one layer that contains the species of fish and I want to symbolize each species as its own color and line.

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  • Is it possible to create canopy spreads using precise distances and directions from the stem?

    Hi    Im currently creating Tree Constraints Plans in Arc but having trouble creating "representative canopy spreads". Our surveyors collect a North/South/East/West distance from a central point&#...
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  • Georeferenced rasters not importing correctly into mosiac dataset - pieces missing

    When importing raster datasets into a mosaic dataset parts of the images are cut out (see attached picture). We run the same process on all our aerial imagery and have not had this particular issue before. I've tried ...
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  • LS factor for RUSLE

    Dear Friends I am working to estimate soil loss, and for that I am using the RUSLE model. Now I am preparing the LS factor using: LS=(flow*cell size/22.1)m * (sin slope x 0.01745/0.0896)1.3 The raster commend that I h...
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  • graph not displaying fully

    I am trying to make a pie graph of the percentages of different types of land use. When I create the graph, it creates a window that only shows one small part of the total graph and I cannot figure out how to expand t...
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  • luv-lee

    I'm looking for an algorithm, a script or a plugin to calculate the luv-lee effect of objects like mounains/hills, forest borders or big buildings. Any idea will be welcome!   Ich suche einen Algorithmus bzw. ei...
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  • Plotters Specs

    Any ideas on which Plotter (Printer, ink jet/lase jet) is suitable for printing colored maps from A4 -A0, & posters. Would like to hear, about; models, pros & cons, rollers paper, both normal and water proofs ...
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  • open product sentinel-2

    Hi I have download product of Sentinel-2 from ESA website. I am using Windows 10, Arcmap 10.4 with Core i7 RAM 8GB. In Arcmap, I am trying to open this product for the first step is I try by making File Geodataba...
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  • Corridor Design - Habitat Suitability Model Error

    I am trying to perform a HSM1 tool within ArcGIS, and I'm constantly getting the same error message, below. I have executed this tool several times each time making a small change, and nothing seems to work, I don't ...
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  • How can I use ArcGIS 10 Tutorial Data?

    I bought the Arc GIS software and want to practice it. I have already installed the software and the tutorial data. However, when I try to add data from ArcMap, my tutorial data does not show the file Exercise1.m...
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