• Easy2Hike – Startup’s Mobile App Creates a New Standard for Hiking

    Easy2Hike – Startup’s Mobile App Creates a New Standard for Hiking - The Easy2Hike app, built by Esri startup partner Easy2Hike, provides hikers, bikers, and equestrians with up-to-date information on...
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  • WAFWA Open Data Site Supports Fish, Wildlife Conservation Efforts in North America

    Open Data Site Supports Fish, Wildlife Conservation Efforts in North America - The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) shares conservation data via a land-use planning solution called the Crucial...
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  • What does a negative value of 'Mean Error' mean?

    Hello everybody, I'm stuck up at some point of performing IDW. The problem is : "I performed IDW for EMF levels from cell phone towers. The resulting Mean Prediction error in cross-validation is -0.0081." I've read ab...
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  • New Environment and Natural Resources SIG at the UC!

    At this year's Esri User Conference (UC), we will be having a new Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting.  If you are attending the UC, please join us to explore GIS for environmental and natural resources governme...
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  • Forestry Related Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help in the forestry industry:   US Dept of Agriculture Story Map of Forest Pest Impacts; it contains 3 Dashboards for: Em...
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  • Do you plan on implementing anything new after User Conference this year?

    As a person who helps our customers with the people side of technical implementation, I am curious to see how many people are planning to implement something new after they visit the User Conference this year.  P...
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  • Environment and Natural Resources User Conference Agenda

    The Esri User Conference has many presentations and events with hundreds of topics covered. To help you find your way to the state and local government environment and natural resources sessions and events, we have pr...
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  • New Solutions Meetup: Discuss the Natural Resource and Wildlife Locators

    Our solutions team has been working on some new solution sets as well as some upgrades to existing solution sets. The team will be hosting an online meetup to highlight some of their development work and illustrate so...
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  • Esri Blog: Wisconsin Provides a Map-based App to Guide Hunters

    Check out this recent Esri Blog Post on a new map-based app provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR) to help guide hunters with the many great hunting opportunities that exist in the state!&#...
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  • Esri Case Study: Utah Department of Natural Resources

    Check out the latest Esri Case Study Video highlighting the implementation of GIS supporting some very important work at the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR)!  This case study illustrates...
  • New Environment and Natural Resource Booklet Available

    Greetings All,   We have a new booklet available that is specifically tailored for how GIS can be used in Natural Resource and Environmental Agencies. It is available to download at this website: Digit...
  • Three Rivers Park District Video

    Three Rivers Park District in Twin Cities, MN, manages more than 20 parks in the region. The Park service uses both ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, successfully integrating both to collaborate on data collection ...
  • Preview of Dam Inspection Survey

    *** Dam Safety is now available as a released, fully-supported solution. For more information about deploying this solution for use in your organization, see: http://solutions.arcgis.com/state-government/hel...
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  • Story Map in Support of the Endangered Species Act

    Check out this story map from NatureServe in support of the Endangered Species Act.  Story maps continue to grow in terms of how they are being applied and what topics they address.  Amazing work!   Am...
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  • Tabular Labels for Multi-Level Analytical Results

    I've had much success using the Python-based data dictionary/search cursor technique for labeling expressions in ArcMap provided in previous blog posts by Richard Fairhurst - for more information, see his po...
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  • How to create an ellipsoid shape in ArcGis Pro

    Do anyone know how to create an ellipsoid shape (3d ellipse shape) based on major and minor axis? I can create an ellipse fine, but would like the equivalent tool for an ellipsoid.
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  • How to fix my CSV file containing a WKT field error?

    The CSV created from a shapefile contains a WKT field has the Linestring spilling over into other fields. The CSV draws just fine in QGIS, but I need to be able to view the CSV in Excel as well. Some features are...
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  • Blog discussion: Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views

    I've posted a new blog about how you can Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views. You might have a single layer of data that you need to add to a map multiple times (perhaps so th...
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  • FYI: Bird Count Volunteer Crowdsource Dashboards

    Just wanted to share a couple of really nice example dashboard apps created by ThreeRivers Park District, an environmental stewardship agency. Both dashboards were created with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Some ni...
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  • I am struggling with extracting NDVI values for particular shapefiles from an entire raster dataset of NDVI in ArcGIS 10.4.

    I have a geotiff 16 bit multispectral data which converted to NDVI. Now I have about 30 polygons which are basically buffer strips on a stream and I want average, minimum and maximum NDVI value for each polygon. I use...
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