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With last week's release, several existing ArcGIS Solutions were enhanced and new Solutions were deployed, including a new Citizen Science release.  Citizen Science is a collection of maps and apps that can be used by conservation staff to collect sightings of plants and animals from citizen scientists and monitor citizen science programs.  The… (Show more)
Hi, I was curious when an update to the Trail Locator solution would be available. The Locate Parks & Activities solution is great, and I'm hoping something similar will be available for trails soon. I attended a webinar 6-ish months ago and I thought I recalled seeing that an update to the Trail Locator would be available in January 2020.   Is… (Show more)
Check out this article by the National Park Service about how they are leveraging Survey123 to enhance citizen science efforts in Glacier National Park.  A group of very active citizen scientists from the Park’s Common Loon Citizen Science Project is using the app which not only streamlines and improves the collection of data, but is also… (Show more)
Check out this Esri Blog Article to learn how the Finnish Forest Centre is leveraging GIS and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify, automate and perform the majority of forest maintenance tasks.  Faced with a declining workforce in a country loaded with forested lands, it has become increasingly important to be more efficient overall and… (Show more)
Vélo Québec, a nonprofit organization based in Québec, Canada, is mapping mountain bike trails while riding, and they are doing it with high accuracy  Arrow 100 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers from Esri partner Eos Positioning Systems. With QuickCapture they can easily map the exact geography of the trails, plus many assets and… (Show more)
Camera systems can help make homes and businesses safer. This technology has become cheaper and more accessible to consumers than ever before. As these systems multiply, they have become an important tool for capturing evidence of criminal activity in our communities. But with so many cameras it can be hard for police to know where these cameras… (Show more)
Is there any documentation on how ESRI is interpreting the Recreation License Dashboard, particularly the popups? 
The recently released Conservation Easement Monitoring Solutions include maps and apps that can be used to understand current property conditions routinely inspect conservation easements manage project locations monitor inspection programs engage stakeholders in conversations that conserve natural areas   The solutions are largely based off the… (Show more)
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