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When importing raster datasets into a mosaic dataset parts of the images are cut out (see attached picture). We run the same process on all our aerial imagery and have not had this particular issue before. I've tried importing the imagery from different drive locations (including C-drive), rebuilding the pyramid files, completing the process on… (Show more)
Hi    Im currently creating Tree Constraints Plans in Arc but having trouble creating "representative canopy spreads". Our surveyors collect a North/South/East/West distance from a central point  and these distances are then used to depict the canopy spread.   We've been creating the canopies by calculating the average size using the… (Show more)
Dear Friends I am working to estimate soil loss, and for that I am using the RUSLE model. Now I am preparing the LS factor using: LS=(flow*cell size/22.1)m * (sin slope x 0.01745/0.0896)1.3 The raster commend that I have used was: Power("wateshed_acc" * 30 / 22.1,0.4) * Power(Sin("slope_deg") * 0.01745 / 0.0896,1.3) But there are many no data… (Show more)
I am trying to make a pie graph of the percentages of different types of land use. When I create the graph, it creates a window that only shows one small part of the total graph and I cannot figure out how to expand this window to show the entire thing. When I 'pull' on the corners of the graph to increase its size, it only increases the aspect… (Show more)
I'm looking for an algorithm, a script or a plugin to calculate the luv-lee effect of objects like mounains/hills, forest borders or big buildings. Any idea will be welcome!   Ich suche einen Algorithmus bzw. ein Script bzw. ein Plugin mit dem der Luv-Lee-Effekt von Landerhebungen (Berge, Waldkanten, Gebäude) bestimmt werden kann. Jede Idee ist… (Show more)