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I've had much success using the Python-based data dictionary/search cursor technique for labeling expressions in ArcMap provided in previous blog posts by Richard Fairhurst - for more information, see his post titled "Turbo Charging Data Manipulation with Python Cursors and Dictionaries".   I was hoping to get help creating some advanced tabular… (Show more)
Do anyone know how to create an ellipsoid shape (3d ellipse shape) based on major and minor axis? I can create an ellipse fine, but would like the equivalent tool for an ellipsoid.
The CSV created from a shapefile contains a WKT field has the Linestring spilling over into other fields. The CSV draws just fine in QGIS, but I need to be able to view the CSV in Excel as well. Some features are articulated properly in the CSV, but on a map I cannot see any discernible difference between various line segments.
I've posted a new blog about how you can Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views. You might have a single layer of data that you need to add to a map multiple times (perhaps so that visibility can be toggled separately). In the blog, I show a way to take the same data offline multiple times in a single map, and… (Show more)
Just wanted to share a couple of really nice example dashboard apps created by ThreeRivers Park District, an environmental stewardship agency. Both dashboards were created with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Some nice work!   1. Osprey Volunteer Crowdsource dashboard      2. Bluebird Volunteer Crowdsource dashboard… (Show more)
I have a geotiff 16 bit multispectral data which converted to NDVI. Now I have about 30 polygons which are basically buffer strips on a stream and I want average, minimum and maximum NDVI value for each polygon. I used extract by mask tool and it works fine if I have a single polygon. It does not have an attribute table but I can still identify… (Show more)