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I've been trying to download  the global elevation data provided by Esri, yet it never seems to work. This an urgent matter and any help is precious.   All the best, MM
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Hi All,   Is there a way to simplify a raster category boundary in the inwards direction only without closing off large chucks of the zone due to the narrowness of raster sections?   Below is an example... it is an accessibility raster, defining all connected section of land that can be driven on in blue.   What I want to do is create the… (Show more)
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A mosaic of 3DEP rasters appears properly when zoomed in close, but becomes checkered when zooming out. Visibility range is set to <None> for both min and max scales. All source rasters are saved in the same workspace. ArcGIS Pro version 2.1.2
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Dear community,   I am trying to clip a raster with the elevation of Nepal to fit the image within the boundaries of the country (I am using a polygon shapefile as input file). I am using the Clip tool for Raster (3D Analyst). The resulting image is clipped perfectly but I notice slight changes that I am concerned about:     The clip file has… (Show more)
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I have a DEM with a known overall slope of 1.5% which I would like to remove for visualization purposes (image of non-detrended DEM attached).   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello,   I am trying to reclassify a DEM into three classes based on elevation and for some reason, it keeps returning decidedly NOT what I was trying to accomplish. However, when I clip it down, it works fine. At first I thought the problem was just because the DEM is fairly large. I then noticed that under classification statistics the count… (Show more)
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1down votefavorite I am trying to use Esri Terrain-Tools v1.1 to create a hillshade from either a 90 m SRTM DEM or 30 m DEM. I have tried saving this to a file geodatabase (FGDB) and .tif. In both cases the error reported is cannot save to "output format" GRID/TIFF Traceback (most recent call last):   File… (Show more)
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I am a total newbie when it comes to ArchMap and GIS in general. I am a 3D visualization artist looking for a way to utilize ArchMap to export DEM data to a usable 3D surface for use in 3DS Max. In the past I have used a program called Global Mapper to do this. Global Mapper has the ability to export what is called a .dxf 3D face file. The .dxf 3d… (Show more)
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I want to get the height information for a particular area in meters.   I have orthomosaic, DSM and DTM of that area   I don't know how to get building height information that too particularly in meters.   I would be thankful to you for this help.
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I have a five lines feature classes that I originally created individual TINS (Create TIN gp tool) for, from the TINS I created rasters (TIN to Raster gp tool). I then mosaicked all the grids into one master grid(Mosaic To New Raster gp tool) using the mosiac operator of maximum. Looking for a way to be more efficient,  I merged (Merge gp tool) … (Show more)
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