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Hello, If you were to take a certain elevation threshold (contour line) and select all area ABOVE that line, you might end up with a polygon that is essentially a mountain top. I work for a non-profit organization that works primarily in watersheds but we also work in places like the buffer area surrounding the Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park and… (Show more)
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I have created a Hillshade effect and would like to use the Contours tool on the 3D Analyst toolbar to show me the Contour Elevation in feet. Right now it is giving me something like. 118.258 instead of 7.8 feet How can I change this?   Thanks
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Team,   The default or first option for any raster re-sampling / re-projection geoprocessing tools is "nearest neighbor". This re-sampling algorithm is explicitly for integer or categorical data. The other two options are for continuous data and represent interpolation schemes.    Because "nearest neighbor" is the default re-sampling algorithm,… (Show more)
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I have a Digital Elevation Model and polygon shapefile and I want to make an effect that polygons follow terrain structure according to DEM. If I just overlay it over DEM the polygon will be flat. I know how to do that in ArcScene, but I want to do that in ArcMap and not sure how. I have tried with Window\Image Analysis but without success. I… (Show more)
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Hi fellas,   I have a line feature, also have a DEM, just want to extract the highest and lowest points of this line. I will need to get the coordinates of the highest and lowest points of this line, to compare with the existing highest and lowest points data. Any suggestions?   (Please find the demo data as screenshot)
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