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Hey all, I am currently trying to create a DEM from ~1800 control points. Elevation ranges from 1820ft to 120ft. I created contours from a DEM generated by the contours. I have continuously had issues with the output rasters being extremelty pixelated. The pixeIs are generally 200m by 160meters using the NAD 1983 Zone 18N coordinate system. The… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi, I have elevation layer in portal, that has been published from SDE referencing registered data. I have modified the raster that the layer is using (appended additional area) but I don't see these changes in portal. I thought maybe it is because the extent is now different? To fix the issue, I then started to look for overwriting option but I… (Show more)
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Hi,   I've produced a referenced mosaic dataset from a mosaic dataset of elevation data. On the referenced mosaic dataset I've added a hillshade raster function. I'm wanting to calculate statistics on the referenced mosaic following the guidance in the document: Managing elevation data, Part 3: Workflow steps—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  dataset… (Show more)
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Working in ArcPro (2.4), I generated contours on a hypothetical surface I created for a grading project. The results didn't appear correct because contours had not generated for all the elevation values. More specifically, a contour line hadn't been created for the top elevation value. I ran the contour tool again in ArcMap (10.3), using the exact… (Show more)
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Hi everyone,   I made a few orthomosaics and DEMs in agisoft and the elevations are inaccurate. I want to correct the elevations of my DEMs by using Arctic DEM ( a much more accurate DEM), but I have no idea how to do this! How do I adjust/correct one DEM to another? I assume this has been done before. Any help is much appreciated! Elevation Data
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