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Hi Has anyone tried Ortho Maker for image server and what result did you get? See attached image for my result. Not very good with default settings and highest quality. So what can i do to make it better? I have used a Phantom 4 RTK   Regards Mattias
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
Hi  I tried to used drone video under full motion video extension to create map and conduct some distance measurements but it didn't  allow me to perform either one . Can any one explain workflow of using drone videos in Full motion video extension it will be great  
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
I have exported a time animation from desktop 10.6. The playback has a lot of flickering which does not do well for demonstrating later. Any ideas on how to remove the flickering?
Hi guys.   Bit of a technical question here.   I am experimenting with FMV on Arc and in QGIS.   I used tutorial data to learn more about FMV, and then acquired UAS video from my employer.  These videos did not work on both platforms, and after investigation I found that this was due to there being 12 audio streams in the videos.  After getting… (Show more)
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
Hi, my company has a drone (DJI Phantom). We take video flybys with it. We use Pix4D Mapper for doing whatever with image processing and such. (I don't use the drone or software so my knowledge is limited on that entire process).   We would like to see a drone video flyover and would like to see the flight line taken by the drone, along with an… (Show more)
the volume calculate in drone2map is inaccurate, what are some other work arounds that calculate volumes from drone photos/with control?
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs