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Hi,   I've been droning for a while now, but I'm about to do my first drone job of a gravel stockpile for a volume measurment.  Can anyone offer any advice on the best way to do this?   How many pictures?  Drone speed?  Resolution?  Camera angle?  etc.   Thanks!
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
Hi, I have created Utility network and Branch version in ArcGIS Pro 2.5. I am unable to find the Validation capability  option in Configuration tab on while publishing as Web Layer. I am using ArcGISPro2.5 and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 Federated Environment,Database SQLServer 2016 Please find the attached screen short for your reference.    … (Show more)
Hi folks.  Im looking for assistance/advice regarding using a point cloud for a specific object detection task, identifying large eagles nests in tree canopies for an environmental assessment.  Aerial lidar and hi definition images to be captured and PPK processed.  Im assuming that a Lidar point cloud would handle this better than photogrammetry… (Show more)
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs
Hi Has anyone tried Ortho Maker for image server and what result did you get? See attached image for my result. Not very good with default settings and highest quality. So what can i do to make it better? I have used a Phantom 4 RTK   Regards Mattias
in Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs