• What is the overlap needed to process images in drone2map?

    We have a trial version of Drone2map.  We are testing it for our 911 folks and they are asking what is the optimum overlap.  I found some info that says 70%  all around.  Is this standard?  &#...
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  • Don't see the NDVI option in the processing tool. Anyone know how to access this option in the new 2.0 version?

    I can't seem to find the NDVI check box in the processing tool in the new version of Drone2Map 2.0. It used to be in the processing menu under 2D full but once the project is created under processing options it doesn'...
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  • GPS Source .csv file problems

    Hello,   We have a PPK workflow where I can export the post-processed image coordinates to a .csv.  How do I get Drone to Map to apply these coordinates in lieu of the image EXIF data?  Currently, the ...
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  • Problems with version 2.0.0

    Hi all,   I just downloaded the brand new Drone2Map 2.0.0 and I've encountered some problems or missing functionalities. I'm asking here just to verify that I'm not the only one. When I try to configure a Porta...
  • "Caught unknown exception during initial processing" error

    Hi,   I'm running a project in Drone2Map using 43 nadir images on an area of 3.14 acres. I have 4 GCPs in this project. However, whenever I tried to include the GCPs in the processing, this error comes up: "Caug...
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  • Drone2Map crashes when opeing previous projects?

    When I complete the processing for a project and close the project, but then try to reopen the project file it encounters and unexpected error and closes. See attached message the shows up everytime. Any ideas what th...
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  • How to address Drone2Map GCP warning? Points interpolated from 2m DEM

    I'm trying to process ag field data for which I don't have control points. - Identified relatively stable areas in a 2m resolution USGS DEM (presumably NAVD88) - ArcGIS interpolated elevation values for points locat...
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  • Drone2Map - executed with an 'Cannot Authenticate Application' error

    Hi,   I would like to appreciate it if you inform me any information or solution regarding this error.   I've installed Drone2Map for ArcGIS 1.2 succssfully. And when I execute the Application, ...
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  • Adding camera information in Drone2map

    I have been trying to get my camera to work with drone2map and have had issues with the EXIF information in the images. I have gotten to the point where I can alter the information needed within the EXIF. Now I am fin...
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  • Drone2Map Configuration Error

    This morning I was unable to open Drone2Map. The Application shows to be properly licensed in our AGOO.  These is the error messages that I  receive: When I initially open the 'Portal for ArcGIS' is active. ...
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  • Why does Drone2Map not recognize ArcGIS Pro and 3D Analyst?

    I installed a trial of Drone2Map for ArcGIS and processed some imagery I took using a Phantom 3. No issues processing the data. When I try to use the Calculate Volume I receive a warning that ArcGIS Pro...
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  • "User is not licensed to use Drone2Map" error

    I have been unable to open Drone2Map due to an authentication error. We used the program about 3 weeks ago, and  it was running fine. I double checked my Portal licences, and the user that is attempting to log-in...
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  • Drone2Map not producing any output when I run it?

    I started using Drone2Map last year and it worked.  I am using version  I haven't used it in several months until yesterday.  Starting yesterday, when I try to process drone imagery, I don't ...
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  • Edges being cut off, nothing obvious in processing report

    When processing completes, the images around the border of my aerial data do not get displayed. I've included a few screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. As you can see, there are quality images for the fa...
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  • Can I use Control Points?

    I'm new to drone2map and testing it out.  I see how to add GCPs, but how do you identify/create check points?  I've done a bit of googling and haven't found an answer yet.  My experience is primarily wi...
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  • Where can I find data that represents high risk areas (residential, city, suburban, urban) that are no fly zones for drones?

    Purpose: No fly zones for drones Seeking data on no fly zone areas that make up... - residential - cities - suburban - urban   used in ArcGIS Online Jessica Rosales (JRosales_GIS) #UofRedlands 
  • Details: object reference not set to an instance of an object

    I'm using drone2map trial. When I try to login I get this error: An unexpected errors .... Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object     Any help or tips would really appreciate it.
  • Drone2map flight path change

    I have  a small area that I'm trying to create 2D products for. My flight path is an aerial grid and I have 55 images.I added surveyed GCPs and linked 3 of the GCPs to ~14 images each. My overlap was 80% at 350 f...
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  • Consistent processing failure immediately after substep Camera Calibration?

    So far in my trial of D2M, I've only managed to complete one 2D project. Since then, I consistently get an Unknown Exception Error which according to the log occurs immediately after (or during?) substep Camera Calibr...
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  • Offline Mode not working in Parallels - configured to work on another workstation

    I am trying to open Drone2Map on the same machine where I activated it to work offline.  In doing so, it asks me to log-in to the account and then I type in the credentials I get the following error: "The accoun...
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