• Drone2Map does not utilize GPU

    I am using the latest build of Drone2Map (v1.3.1) on Windows 10 (1803) x64 with the following hardware:   - Dell Precision 5820 - Intel Xeon W-2104 3.2GHz, 4C, 8.25M Cache - 32 GB RAM - 1024 GB SSD ...
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  • Is it possible to import cloud file created in Agisoft Photoscan?

    I have some dense clouds that were created in Agisoft Photoscan and was wondering if there is a way to import those into Drone2Map?  We have to use Photoscan because we are doing coral reef work under water, whic...
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  • There is an option to merge already processed projects in Drone2 Map?

    If I have an area covered by different missions it is possible to process separatelly and then merge the processed projects?
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  • object reference did not set to an instance of an object

    after installing drone2map and trying to open it. the error "unexpected error occured. the details  are listed below as well as the log file. drone2map will close - details : object reference not set to an instan...
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  • processed image quality is not as good as the raw imagery

    After processing the imagery is "fuzzy" and not as sharp as the raw imagery. I have adjusted the processing parameters but have not had much improvement in the processed image quality.
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  • Dense Matching Failed?

    Hi,   I'm a bit new to using this software but had patiently waited 5 days whilst it was procesing around 3000 images being careful not to disturb my laptop in this time to get the message below. Does this mean ...
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  • Data contained in a sharefile is added to the basemap, is there any way images can like directly to the nearest GPS location in the sharefile layer thus eliminating the task of manually attaching those images to the appropriate data point?

    For example, you have 50 archeological sites 15m-100m apart. Their locations are mapped with GPS and you have them in a sharefile. You get 5 plus images from each site but from slightly different locations around or a...
  • Drone2Map samples not processing — not yet answered

    Hi—Have downloaded trial Drone2Map, and while trying out a few of the samples, once I click Start to process a sample, following the steps provided, the bottom status bar appears to be processing for a few secon...
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  • Offline Mode not working in Parallels - configured to work on another workstation

    I am trying to open Drone2Map on the same machine where I activated it to work offline.  In doing so, it asks me to log-in to the account and then I type in the credentials I get the following error: "The accoun...
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  • Getting Error Sharing as Tile Layer - Errors were encountered during process. Please check the log file for details

    I had no issues earlier in the week uploading the tile layers, but now each time I try to upload to AGOL from Drone2Map keep getting above error.  I have checked the log files and nothing abnormal in them 
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  • Cannot Import GCPs

    Having issue with importing GCPs. It opens right in ArcGIS Online map. Latitude and Longitude fields are correct. Can anyone help please? Thank you in advance!
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  • Drone2map feature service-attached drone photos

    Drone2map with Inspection template allows publishing feature service with flight path and photo points to ArcGIS Online. Attachments are enabled, and all oblique photos that have annotations made via Drone2map image v...
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  • How to fix image calibration?

    Just testing out Drone2Map for the first time with images from a DJI phantom.  Finding that only a portion of my mission area is processed, which appears to be because only a selection of the images were calibrat...
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  • Drone2Map shuts down machine during processing

    I have run a number of successful projects with no issues, but today's project just shut down my machine with 80% processing left.  I started the processing six hours ago and was almost finished.   Below is...
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  • Not sure if Enterprise configured correctly

    I'm not sure if I configured Enterprise correctly.  I've decided to use a multi-server environment with a GIS server and an Image Server.  We have multi-year aerial images, and are implementing drone solutio...
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  • DJI Spark

    Regardless of suitability, can the DJI Spark be used to capture imagery for use with Drone2Map?
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  • portal license

    We recently assigned our Drone2Map license to Portal. The login window lets me use the Portal interface to login, however once the program opens we get this popup (No license for user) and the program is clo...
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  • projectVIS failed

    I'm seeing a lot of of projectVIS failed in the "generate orthomosaic" phase of generating a 2D orthomosaic. What is happening and why?
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  • Cannot Share 3d mesh to agol from drone2map

    Hey all,   When i try to share a 3d mesh from drone2map to agol i get a error starting that "errors were encountered while processing. Please check the log file for details."   When I open the log I get th...
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  • Drone2Map Image Service Publishing Best Practice

    Hey D2M Pros,      Just wondering what might be the best practice for Drone2Map Image service publication with the Data Store registration. Since D2M processes the data and produces 3 products whe...
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