• Where can I find data that represents high risk areas (residential, city, suburban, urban) that are no fly zones for drones?

    Purpose: No fly zones for drones Seeking data on no fly zone areas that make up... - residential - cities - suburban - urban   used in ArcGIS Online Jessica Rosales (JRosales_GIS) #UofRedlands 
  • Details: object reference not set to an instance of an object

    I'm using drone2map trial. When I try to login I get this error: An unexpected errors .... Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object     Any help or tips would really appreciate it.
  • Drone2map flight path change

    I have  a small area that I'm trying to create 2D products for. My flight path is an aerial grid and I have 55 images.I added surveyed GCPs and linked 3 of the GCPs to ~14 images each. My overlap was 80% at 350 f...
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  • Consistent processing failure immediately after substep Camera Calibration?

    So far in my trial of D2M, I've only managed to complete one 2D project. Since then, I consistently get an Unknown Exception Error which according to the log occurs immediately after (or during?) substep Camera Calibr...
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  • Offline Mode not working in Parallels - configured to work on another workstation

    I am trying to open Drone2Map on the same machine where I activated it to work offline.  In doing so, it asks me to log-in to the account and then I type in the credentials I get the following error: "The accoun...
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  • "Not Enough Tracks" error in Drone2Map

    When I process this model (see image) in Drone2Map, it keeps throwing the error "Not enough tracks!" Has anyone else encountered this or a similar error? If so, how did you resolve it?   Thanks in advance to anyo...
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  • Custom geoid in d2m?

    Total d2m newbie here, and have just got same data related to a supportcase (Norwegian distributor).   My client has GCP's which are surveyed by professional RTK and corrected for the (quasi)geoid which is the b...
  • Best Practices for Processing Images in Cliff Areas

    I frequently fly in reservoir areas that sometime contain large cliffs.  Most flight planning softwares do not have terrain awareness so the AGL height of the drone will not adjust with the terrain.  Maps Ma...
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  • Using Drone2Map to map an area for ecological studies

    Hello everyone, I am planning to use Drone2Map and a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom to obtain 3D point cloud data from a natural site where there are trees, shrubs, open areas and mountains. We cannot afford a LIDAR scan so Drone2...
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  • 'Create Orthomosaic' is checked in Processing Options, but none is actually created

    Hey everyone,   I'm using a d2m trial, and am having trouble getting it to create my orthomosaic. 'Create Orthomosaic' and 'Merge Tiles' are checked in processing options, I can watch it being processed in the P...
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  • Drone2Map 3D: What am I looking at?

    I ran my first 3D analysis on a Drone2Map project, and I can't figure out what I am looking at.   In Drone2Map,  why does the 3D Mesh appear to be about 100m in the air above the background imagery surface?...
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  • When adding GCPs into D2M, does D2M account for the accuracy of those GCPs in its processing?

    After running a project with GCPs, the generated report shows that I used GCP in the analysis process. However, I'm not sure how that RMSE under Quality Check/Georeferencing was calculated. Does D2M take into account ...
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  • Values for Camera Optimization are high

    I'm generating orthos with a Phantom 4 Pro, using a 80% forward and 80% side overlap for flights at 100 meters and am routinely getting high values for the relative difference between initial and optimized internal ca...
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  • Can I not mix coordinate systems in Drone2Map?

    I am using Drone2Map 1.3.2.  I have a collection of photos that were collected with a drone flight that are in WGS 84.  I ran them without the ground control points and got some nice looking mosaic...
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  • Drone2Map - GCP's

    I am new to Drone2Map and have it on trial. I currently use Drone Deploy for all my processing. However I use other ESRI products so makes sense to see if Drone2Map could replace DD. I have had some early problems not...
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  • Drone2Map crashes immediately on opening

    I have a support ticket open for this, but I feel like I'm searching for a needle in a haystack. On my machine, and on two other machines, Drone2Map crashes immediately on opening. I've successfully installed and laun...
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  • Data formats on Drone2Map (import and export)

    Which data formats can be imported to Drone2Map? Which data formats are exported from Drone2Map?
  • Adjust height of D2Map SceneLayerPackage in Pro

    We are using Drone2Map to do rapid site survey where we are less interested in the absolute geo accuracy of the model and more interested in the features/dimensions of the objects we are modelling and/or tying the mod...
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  • Terrain Service not showing in 3D view

    We run an on-premise Portal with its own terrain service and our environment is not connected to the internet. Our terrain service shows fine in the Portals scene viewer/as a terrain source in Pro etc but doesn't show...
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  • What could be causing this error? Error Processing Failed not enough memory to texture the LOD : 567 MB < 636 MB

    840 pictures, 1/2 image size initial and dense, medium resolution textured mesh. I've turned CPU threads down to 3 from 4, unchecked CUDA gets same error message. I'm going to run at a 1/4 image initial processing and...
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