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I merged 731 photos into an orthophotomosaic, DTM and DSM. I was able to open the DTM, but cannot open the DSM or orthophotomosaic, trying various programs (microsoft office 2010, fast picture viewer pro, or adobe acrobat pro). My end goal is to convert the TIFF to a PDF, but adobe can't open the TIFF to begin the conversion process. Has anyone… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Error when I try to open project in ArcgisPro (bottom). I am using ArcGis Pro 2.1 (beta) and Drone2Map 1.2 Thanks any help.#
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Every flight we loose either the corners or large holes in the center of our images.  We are flying a Inspire 2 at 399 feet with 65% overlap.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Looking to use the 3d imagery to calculate volume that is a pile.  Such as a gravel piles, chip piles, or even log yard inventories.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hello,   I was just curious if there were any plans on introducing a tie point editor in the drone2map workflow.  I am having difficulty in aligning images that are mostly comprised of tree canopies but can be identified by the human eye.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I set up the Processing - 2D products window as follows: checked on  create contours output format= SHP contour settings-  base=0  elev interval-10 I executed the process and, after some hours of crunching, it completed, but I can't find the contour SHP file anywhere. Where's the default output location? 
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I am interested in understanding what type of Drones users are using with the Drone2Map software.  If you can include spec details or make and model that would be great.     Cheers, Mike
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi Guys,   I'm having a problem with the products of my D2M project. First of all, when running the project it does not create a DSM or Ortho even though I have selected them in the processing options.. I have taken a look at the Report (attached), and that actually has the correct ortho and DSM shown... So I don't understand why I don't get any… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi,   is there a way to install Drone2Map completely offline and then point it to an on-premise portal for the licensing? Currently when I open the software with no internet connection I get the following error:     Is there a way to point Drone2Map to the portal in the config before opening it so that it doesn't try to look at ArcGIS Online… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I am processing imagery from Drone2Map and noticed that when I processed two adjacent collections separately (each collection was processed to a separate orthomosaic) it seemed to take dramatically less time than when processing the two collections into a single orthomosaic:  the two collections processed separately processed each overnight;… (Show more)
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