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840 pictures, 1/2 image size initial and dense, medium resolution textured mesh. I've turned CPU threads down to 3 from 4, unchecked CUDA gets same error message. I'm going to run at a 1/4 image initial processing and see if that helps. Any other thouhts?
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Recently updated Drone2map. The program keeps crashing and I cannot process imagery. It will allow me to load a project and start processing but fails to complete the process or crashes prior to processing. Just updated to
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi,   I'm running a project in Drone2Map using 43 nadir images on an area of 3.14 acres. I have 4 GCPs in this project. However, whenever I tried to include the GCPs in the processing, this error comes up: "Caught unknown exception during initial process". I tried to run the project with just the images. That resulted in 2D products and 3D… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I am using the latest build of Drone2Map (v1.3.1) on Windows 10 (1803) x64 with the following hardware:   - Dell Precision 5820 - Intel Xeon W-2104 3.2GHz, 4C, 8.25M Cache - 32 GB RAM - 1024 GB SSD - NVIDIA® Quadro® P4000, 8GB, 4 DP   I have checked the "Use CUDA" option and and set the "CPU Threads" to the max. I am trying to render a demo… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I have some dense clouds that were created in Agisoft Photoscan and was wondering if there is a way to import those into Drone2Map?  We have to use Photoscan because we are doing coral reef work under water, which prevents the possibility of having embedded coordinates from GPS.    A related question is it is my understanding is that Drone2Map… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
If I have an area covered by different missions it is possible to process separatelly and then merge the processed projects?
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hey everyone,   I'm using a d2m trial, and am having trouble getting it to create my orthomosaic. 'Create Orthomosaic' and 'Merge Tiles' are checked in processing options, I can watch it being processed in the Processing Log without any errors, but no ortho is actually added to the project, nor is it anywhere to be found in my project folder.  … (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
after installing drone2map and trying to open it. the error "unexpected error occured. the details  are listed below as well as the log file. drone2map will close - details : object reference not set to an instance object
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
After processing the imagery is "fuzzy" and not as sharp as the raw imagery. I have adjusted the processing parameters but have not had much improvement in the processed image quality.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
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