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Can any1 tell my why only 34 out of 317 images have been calibrated and used for this orthomosaic? And how do i increase this to make a complete mosaic for all my images? I have been using the alternative calibration method because its a field so the area is homogeneous.
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
I just generated a 3D point cloud / mesh and in Drone2Map and Pro it is beneath the ground elevation and basemap. What is going on here?
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi, my company has a drone (DJI Phantom). We take video flybys with it. We use Pix4D Mapper for doing whatever with image processing and such. (I don't use the drone or software so my knowledge is limited on that entire process).   We would like to see a drone video flyover and would like to see the flight line taken by the drone, along with an… (Show more)
We would like to move forward with our drone technology but because we were burned trying to post-process drone images collected with a DJI Phantom IV and found that the camera was not compatible with ArcGIS Pro we are being quite cautious now.   How does one determine in advance if the camera in a particular drone model is compatible with ArcGIS… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hello,   I am trying to find out if Drone2Map has a limit (monthly or annually) for the number of projects and/or images that you can process with a single subscription. For example, I believe Pix4Dmapper has a limit of 10 projects or 2,500 images per month.   Thanks! -Mike
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Where is the option to enable correction for rolling shutter in Drone2Map 2.0.1? There is mention of an "Image Properties Window" in some online documentation (Image properties—Drone2Map for ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS ) but that seems to be for 1.3x and there is no actual documentation on how to access that window. Any help or guidance would be… (Show more)
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Hi, Everyone.   I've been using Drone2Map for ArcGIS version 2.0 for quite some time now. I was wondering is there a feature in D2M wherein you can link the views of 2D and 3D Map tabs, similar to the one available in ArcGIS Pro?     Regards, Ian
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
Click to view contentEsri business partner 3DR has released a free app for iOS that interfaces with ArcGIS Online, allowing Esri users to view GIS content from ArcGIS Online to assist with the drone flight planning.      The Site Scan - Esri Edition app provides mission planning and flight control for a number of leading drones to optimize drone collections for… (Show more)
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Invalid file error when processing is the latest error....I've processed 1,000 of acres with 1.3x without any issues. Now when using 2.x the processing fails sometimes for no apparent reason. I've got; Blue Screen of Death, processing just stops, computer shuts down, "invalid file", "processing failed", etc...  Any ideas?  Thanks
in Drone2Map for ArcGIS
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