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Our team has applied the dissolve tool to reduce the number of records in a linearly referenced highway network for a state.  We have noticed that perhaps one percent of the local roads, mostly dead ends are being dropped.  We've learned this so far: in some but not all cases, the dropped records have bad (milepost) measures and when we replicate… (Show more)
Do I need a special extension to create a LRS network? I am referencing the following link instructions but certain options do not appear.
I have been tasked with learning linear referencing for pavement conditions. Out of all of the GIS work that I have learned and practiced, linear referencing was never one of them. I have gone through all of the ESRI tutorials and nothing matches what I need to do. I have been given the street shape files from the county, and I have the pavement… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   I have a polyline feature class that has both M values (based on geometric distance) and Z values based an underlying DEM.  What I would like to do is identify the measure that corresponds to the minimum Z value (see simple illustration below).  I know I can do this manually by viewing 3D profile with 3D Toolbar, or viewing vertices in… (Show more)