• tbc connection to geodatabase

    I am trying to connect from Trimble Business Center (5.10) GIS module to an enterprise geodatabase and keep getting errors.tbc #gismodule
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  • GIS for Transportation Symposium 2020 Call for Abstracts

    The Geospatial Information Systems for Transportation Symposium April 14-17, 2020 Workshops TUESDAY, April 14th, 2020 For more information: https://www.gis-t.org   Call for abstracts...
  • Hobbit Day Release (3.6)

    According to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies written by J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo and Frodo were born during the Third Age in the years 2890 and 2968 (of the Shire calendar) respectively. Translated to our ...
  • Esri and Waze Examples

    Here are a number of examples of agencies incorporating Waze data into their real time traffic sites:   Sandy Spring Georgia Sandy springs is notifying people in their traffic management center when a crash hap...
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  • MDOT's new interactive map lets you check on bridge status throughout the state

    "The Michigan Bridge Conditions Dashboard provides up-to-date information on more than 11,000 bridges throughout the state, including locally-owned bridges...Users can sort data on the dashboard based on bridge locati...
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  • Realign Overlap Edit has not been working as expected

    In esri roads and higwhays we have a new internal event that we have loaded over 2.9 million crash points. We are currently at Version arcmap 10.5.1.   After the data was appended we performed a series of ...
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  • What are implications to R&H Oracle systems with regards to branch versioning?

    Not sure if anyone else is the "reads ahead" sort. I was reviewing something that an ESRI employee on the database side I am familiar with sent out regarding the excitement around branch versioning. It's true there's ...
    created by Scott.Fierro
  • Dedicated DB instance for your LRS?

    Hello everyone, we are planning to switch our LRS to a dedicated LRS DB instance and I'd like to ask a few questions to the group Here are my fun Friday questions: lrs esri roads and higwhays; db   If you have ...
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  • Python Script to ingest Waze data into ArcGIS Online

    As part of the Waze Connected Citizen Program (CCP), partners gain access to real-time traffic congestions and incidents reported through the Waze app (in XML and JSON formats). There are already techniques and docume...
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  • ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.1 now available

    Today you will find a new ArcGIS QuickCapture update in the Apple and  Google Play stores. We also have refreshed it's Windows flavor, as well as QuickCapture designer.  This is version 1.1, and here are som...
  • My book 'The Implementation of a GIS Platform for Cadastre and Expropriations' is already published

    It has just become available on several platforms the book based on my master's thesis: 'The Implementation of a GIS Platform for Cadastre  and Expropriations': https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/bo...
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  • Coming Soon: Spike Integration with Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS

    Capitalizing upon the success of Spike’s integration with Esri’s Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile app, ikeGPS is pleased to announce that we will begin working on an integration between Spike and Esri’s p...
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  • Delete existing Centerlines which are associated to routes (Roads and Highways Extension)

    Hello Departments of Transportation Esri Roads and Highways Extension Team   I have a question about deleting centerlines which are associated to routes. I know there is the possibility to work with da...
  • Is your data healthy? Find out at Esri UC 2019!

    Accurate data is healthy data. And healthy data is vital to any successful GIS implementation! The quality of your GIS data is critical as errors introduce unacceptable risk and unplanned costs. If you are attending ...
  • Materials Management Solution

    Open video

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  • Do you plan on implementing anything new after User Conference this year?

    As a person who helps our customers with the people side of technical implementation, I am curious to see how many people are planning to implement something new after they visit the User Conference this year.  P...
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  • Data Collection At Speed with ArcGIS QuickCapture

    Hello Everyone!    It all starts with the touch of a button. We recently hosted a webinar on, "Data Collection At Speed with ArcGIS QuickCapture" this week and the presentation deck + recording i...
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  • Roads and Highways Time Stamp Query Not Working

    Hello,   The below time stamp query that is pulled in with a R & H event or network feature class doesn't always work:   (FromDate is null or FromDate<=CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) and (ToDate is null or ToDa...
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  • Transportation Themed Dashboards

    FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used to help in the transportation industry:   CalTrans State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) dashboard   ...
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  • R&H Integration Back Dating process - Minnesota DOT

    Greetings R&H community! I wanted to send this out to the Roads & Highways DOT community because I mentioned that I would on the March RHUG call.  Here is a little background on our Crash...
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