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Here are a number of examples of agencies incorporating Waze data into their real time traffic sites:


Sandy Spring Georgia

Sandy springs is notifying people in their traffic management center when a crash happens in the visible range of a traffic accident. They are also archiving the video for later use. This is a map that shows their camera locations and their Waze data.


Johns Creek Georgia

Johns Creek is sending emails via GeoEvent when a disabled motorist is reported. Upon receiving the email, the team will send a vehicle out to help the motorist. It’s like a city sponsored AAA if you will. 

Power point of their process:


The state of Georgia

This includes a layer for flight delays and the Esri Traffic Service 


Douglas County, Colorado

They also have a nice open data site:


The latest version of our INDOT demo dashboard is available here:


Thanks to Tom Brenneman for pulling these together.