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As Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMP) become a common practice, many DOTs are facing the stark reality that they lack a comprehensive asset inventory.  DOTs are more frequently investigating effective, efficient and investment conscious strategies for collecting and cataloging the myriad of assets they manage.  Here is a great article describing Utah DOTs methodology for collecting, managing, using and distributing their comprehensive asset inventory.


Esri has partnered with Stan Burns (Retired Director of Asset Management at UDOT, President of Integrated Inventory), Mandli and Numetric to provide briefings to many of the DOTs about this approach to building, sustaining, utilizing and realizing a solid return on investment for a comprehensive asset inventory.  

The Esri Transportation Practice has been doing considerable amounts of successful work with several DOTs and partners to improve, automate, integrate and transform the project planning, prioritization and selection processes.  The annual TRB Conference in January, 2017 will provide a great opportunity to present the innovative work that transportation agencies, practitioners, technology providers and researchers have implemented to address project planning, prioritization and selection processes.


Here is a link to the general call for papers for TRB and the specific link for the project planning, prioritization and selection process.


All Approved Calls for Papers


Call For Papers Details


If your organization has produced or implemented technology to address this application area, please take the time to respond to the call for papers.

My good friend Jim Mitchell of LADOTD, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, put a request in to the ideas site at Esri for adding LRS capabilities to ArcGIS Online.  I am hoping that many of you read this and choose to support his effort to have this critical transportation functionality made part of ArcGIS Online.


ArcGIS Idea - Add Linear Referencing Support to ArcGIS Online 


Click on the above link to get to the request and add your vote and opinion on adding this functionality to ArcGIS Online.